You Won’t Believe How Calmly This 6 Year Old Plays Chess!

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  1. He should have moved bishop and check with queen in the far back major oof

  2. God bless the little one! She's absolutely brilliant.

  3. Hi dada you are cute … And continue your goal .. um do you have Facebook or Instagram

  4. Little shy to point out the lasped time…sweet !

  5. I love chess I play with my dad and all I have yo say is she is pretty good she might be young but she has a good mind.

  6. brilliant for a six year old child.awesome

  7. Is that cute little Dada from coffee chess? The way she moves the pieces. So dainty and polite.


  9. That's best camera angle for chess in YouTube

  10. nice i love all of your videos and my dad always win in chess

  11. Damnnn, at 6 I didn't even know how to tell time.

  12. Wtf are these people who plays chess total beginners or what there are a lot of blunders here in this game this is a win for white for example in 5.18 time instead of re1 you can play qf8 +then is a clear win for white even a unrated player can see that

  13. who else is feeling more stupid the longer you re watching?

  14. She missed a few moves that could have forced mate.

  15. 7:11 why not Rook h4+ picking up a Queen or a Queen and Rook trade
    edit: rook f4+

  16. 5:33 White missed checkmate… instead of Qe8, should have been Qf8#

  17. You’re a good sport, Golden Bracelet 😻😁🥰

  18. she could litterally kill the rook almost the whole game
    i cant beleive she didnt notice it

  19. Qúa dở nhiều cơ hội ăn muốn chết

  20. @2:07 white missed an easy knight capture by a pawn…hehehe

  21. TAL's daughter. doesn't care about hanging pieces

  22. Any person with even a little knowledge of chess can easily say white gave up intentionally here

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