You Won’t Believe How Calmly This 6 Year Old Plays Chess!

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  1. OMG !!! I feel like this 6 year old should go to professional chess school.😃😃😃♟♟♟

  2. Oh hell na bro, big respect to her opponent, bro litterally giving the girl a chance and in the end he instead let the girl win. BIG W bro.

  3. That boy does not know that 2peices are better than a rook

  4. Practice is good but some times recognition is important
    Like official time 👍. performance awesome

  5. That was a checkmate in 5:27 if that boy plays his queen from b to f below the blacks king and that would result in a checkmate

  6. Being an NM I will say that she made some mistakes but still played calmly 😊

  7. Thanks for this video's
    These videos very helpful 👍 for my daughter

  8. you are welcomed with your family and friends

  9. I think my son will play much better than these two players..he is only 5 yrs

  10. Once her opponent lost the queen it was game over…

  11. Like any rookie mistake, he was able to checkmate on f8 with the queen escorted by the bishop but he didn't see her!

  12. দারুন খেলেছ দুজনে।

  13. I want to see her play at the next level: 1 minute chess

  14. If a girl uses a queen rightly then it can easily checkmate her opposition

  15. Love how she pointed at the clock at the end😂…very impressive 👏🏼👍🏼

  16. Queen to f8 would have been checkmate at 4:50. White would win

  17. They do not trashtalk each other.
    I hope they will continue that way as they age.

  18. Queen f8 was not good right? Orwas that checkmate let me know cause im not smart

  19. Well she has me beat I learned chess at 11 years old and I’m still bad at it

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