You can’t defend from triple knights! | Chaturanga | Шахматы с кубиками

In this game White opened with e4 and qf3. Black immidiatelly rolled pawn and two bishops capturing queen. Even though black was materially ahead, White was head in development and position was about equal. Interesting thing is that at the endgame White rolled three rooks, however it wasn’t enogh to win. Each side had knights though.

About the game itself
DiceChess – A unique and exciting game (using a conventional Chessboard, Chess pieces and 3 dice), which first appeared in Moscow in the late 2000s, and is considered to have come from the ancient Indian game called “Chaturanga”.

DiceChess Rules
The set of pieces, original arrangement and moves strictly comply with the rules of classical Chess, including the rules for castling (The King does not pass through a square that is attacked by an enemy piece; The King is not currently in check; The King does not end up in check; the King or Rook have not previously been moved) and En passant rule. DiceChess is a two-player game, one player plays with white pieces, and the other with black pieces.

Opponents alternate between making moves, which are based on the pieces/numbers shown on 3 rolled dice. Each side of the dice means, respectively:

1 – Pawn, 2 – Knight, 3 – Bishop, 4 – Rook, 5 – Queen, 6 – King

The goal of the game is to eliminate the enemy King, unlike conventional Chess, where victory is made through checkmate of the enemy King. Another significant difference from conventional Chess is that checkmate, stalemate and check are not counted:
– The King can remain under check
– The King can move into/through check
Per turn, players must attempt to make a maximum of three moves at a time based on the pieces/numbers shown on the rolled dice, and under the following conditions:

1. You cannot refuse to move or make it incompletely, except for the following conditions:
⦁ The piece is absent from the board
⦁ The piece has no legal moves (i.e. no free square to move to)
⦁ Pieces are on the board, but only possible to move 1 or 2 pieces (e.g. From starting position, player rolls 2, 3, 5. It is only possible to move the Knight
⦁ The enemy King can be eliminated (i.e. if one of the rolled pieces/numbers allows immediate capture of the King, this is allowed)

2. You must always attempt to make moves for each of the 3 pieces/numbers shown on the dice
⦁ E.g. From starting position, player white rolls 1, 3, 6. Player cannot perform d3 & Bd2, as this would leave no available square for the King. In this example, the player would need to move the Bishop to another square to allow Kd2.

After completing moves, turn is passed to the other player, who proceeds to roll the dices.


О самой игре
Dicechess – уникальная и захватывающая игра (с использованием шахматной доски, фигур и 3 игральных костей), впервые появившаяся в Москве в конце 2000 годов. Считается, что она происходит от древнеиндийской игры под названием «Чатуранга».

Правила игры в DiceChess
Состав фигур, изначальная расстановка и ходы строго соответствуют правилам классических шахмат, включая правила битого поля и рокировки.
Игра для двоих, соответственно один игрок играет белыми фигурами, другой черными.

Соперники делают ходы поочередно, основываясь в выборе решения на случайно выброшенные ими перед ходом три шестигранные кости, которые и показывают, какими фигурами необходимо совершить ход в данном случае.
Каждая грань кости обозначает соответственно:

1 – пешка, 2 – конь, 3 – слон, 4 – ладья, 5 – ферзь, 6 – король

Цель игры – уничтожение вражеского короля, в отличии от обычных шахмат, где нужно поставить мат королю соперника. Также существенным отличием от обычных шахмат является то, что мат, пат и шах не учитываются – король может оставаться под боем.

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