Why was chess invented in India? #tccshorts

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Chess was initially mentioned in Ramayana and Mahabharata, then, Chanakya invented a game called chaturanga to teach war tactics to kings. It is mentioned in arthashastra. Then, arabs adopted it and added camel to it. Lastly it went to europe, where it was named chess.
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  1. हमारा माल हमे ही चेप दिया

  2. Pls also try to give references 🙂 without it, it is only entertainment.

  3. Apke videos bahut hi informative hote hai 🙂good job 👍

  4. Patanjali Yog Pradeep le gaye or Yogic Exercises karke waapas bech rahe hain… Murkh Hindu status dikhane ke liye kharid bhi rahe hain.
    Aise hi Asa+Vyayam (ex: Surya Namaskar) modify Kiya aur Zumba karke bech rahe hain

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