Why Is There So Little Money In Chess?

Hikaru Nakamura reads an article about the prize money of the World Chess Championship:

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  1. IDC I wanna be a gm and live and die in chess :zd

  2. Rip Magnus, very poor for being the very best at a reasonably popular game or sport

  3. xqc doesn't earn 3.4 million in one month is naka drunk or what ๐Ÿฅด

  4. Dang this is unreal to be this early winning da prize money Hikaru!

  5. WOW, i didnt expect that my country (PH) offered $5 mills for world chess championship

  6. 15:30 umm a system that would pay a chess player millions while working people starve is the right one? LMAO I don't think you are making the point you think you are

  7. Hikaru doesn't want that community know what he do with his $50 Million.

  8. We want to see you as a World Championโค๏ธ.. please.. ๐Ÿ˜ข

  9. This video says more about Hikaru than about anything else. Xqc salary thats important to him i mean Magnus the best chess player ever is compared with XQC and Xqc in Hikarus minde is better because he earns more. You need to be max. 10 years old to make reasoning like that, im speechless

  10. This might be sad to say, but from a publicity perspective, nowadays, if Chess wants to get big numbers, imo, they have to really push forward in their production-value aspect (without ever losing the concept of a high-end-smart-game when it comes to pro-players) or just go for the WWE-Style a.k.a "relaxed". Make it louder, make it more intense, genuine and raw: make mini-docs about players, have their fails/wins and reactions to them highlighted(!) create story-lines between players according to their history and rivalries! This might sound awful but, just crank-up the production-value and fictional reality-show aspect of Chess to 11! There are many ways to publicize and evolve Chess without having Chess lose its core identity.

  11. Moving pieces of wood doesn't really help the world in any way so the fact that u get any money is good enough

  12. Tax returns in norway are public, but they are highly inaccurate. It only shows the part of your income and net worth that you actually paid tax on

  13. What stops a private investor from coming in and saying to FIDE here's a few mil? Is FIDE strong enough to say to the different country's federations to throw into a single pot, a trust so to say, so FIDE can dip in it for prize money?

  14. Plsss Hikaru, i want you to be World Championโค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜ข

  15. I won over 500 dollars worth of earnings in chess last year :3

  16. Some context would be if lebron james was only earning a few million dollars a year (currently he is obviously making 40+ million dollars per year)

  17. I agree with Morphy, I don't even get out of bed for under a quarter million.

  18. I agree. GMs should quit playing chess and work in coal mines.

  19. Money in chess is just a function of supply and demand. Around the world, how much money is spent on chess compared to other entertainment options people have? Chess is not a major sport like soccer and baseball for instance, where fans spend hundreds of millions a year. The top chess players can now make a decent living in chess, and that seems about right to me. Sponsors will always go where they can maximize ROI. Cheers!

  20. for the common man, communism is way better than capitalism.

  21. When you become world champ I guess we know what your first action will be right?

  22. To be fair, a novice journalist with an engine can point out blunders in the World championship today. In 1972, why moves were played was a mystery to almost everyone. The title World's Best is better than best human.

  23. Spectators equal dollars. I'm light years from being on an NBA court, but love to watch and have a reasonable idea of what's going on. I love to watch elite chess players go at it, and the commentary here on youtube, but that's only because I have some clue of what's going on. Someone who doesn't play at least recreationally is not going to watch. The exception to this was when we wrapped Fischer in the U.S. flag during the cold war. In any event, the game seems to be on a popularity upswing, which bodes well for prize pools.

  24. I donโ€™t like the conversion of money from then to now. What was there to buy back then? You needed food clothes and lamp oil.

  25. With engines giving these guys 10-20 moves of theory every game, they should change the time controls. 10 minutes each to 20-25 moves. Then they get the big time dump.

  26. Chess lacks showmanship. The only thing that determines how much money is in a sport, is how many eyes it catches. Long live capitalism. If top chess players want to make these numbers go up, they should put their heads together and try to organise MORE EXCITING FORMATS. Things like Blitz and Pogchamps are the solutions. Hours long classical chess matches like the world championship just aren't going to cut it.

  27. Maybe Magnus parks his other millions in the Cayman islands? ๐Ÿค”Probably the tax rate for millionaires in Norway isn't very enviable ๐Ÿ˜…

  28. I honestly think there is plenty of money in chess for what it is

  29. Someone is an economist in the Naka's group. Why there's so little money in politics. this is a paper of Ansolabere, the one i know very well. i worked a lot in this very area.

  30. Hikaru says Carlson should push chess more and demand more money. But I miss any argument why. How would chess actually be helped with a higher price pool? He could have argued it would lead to more prestige or therefore more popularity, but it could be argued that maybe the lower levels need more financial support so talent can fully focus on reaching the top

  31. If there is little money in chess, how would one even describe how much money there is in Go, especially in the western world.

  32. If communism was so bad then how on Earth they dominated for almost 60 years from 1948 to 2008 in chess?

  33. Magnus asking more money for himself wouldn't help chess. His Norwegian mind knows it.

  34. Itโ€™s because youโ€™re hoarding a lot of it mr โ€˜1 bitcoin is 1% of my net worthโ€™.

  35. these GMs are earning really well. Top gms are all millionares, so i dont really understand the question. Basically if you get 4th 5th place u get like 30.000$ which is pretty good. Also Magnus is worth like 30 million from all the prixe money he earned.

  36. Hikaru "Communism is bad"

    Also Hikaru "Players need to form a union and demand higher wages"

  37. Thank you for reading my article! It means a lot to me, I really appreciate it

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