Why is Chaturanga so hard?!?!!! Modified Chaturanga Workshop

Why is Chaturanga Dandasana so challenging? This workshop will help to demystify four-limbed staff pose.

Chip McLain is a former college athlete and US military veteran. He began practicing teaching yoga in 2014 as a way to recover his health after a long battle with Crohn’s Disease, mental health issues, and debilitating back pain. “The power of yoga lies in its ability to unlock the therapeutic energies within the practitioner,” he says. “To me, yoga is holistic therapy and a path toward self-alignment.”
Chip is best known for a pragmatic approach, teaching with a focus on strength, breath work, and alignment to create a moving and therapeutic meditation. He establishes an accessible environment that is both intense and lighthearted, while being held within a deeply spiritual framework. Chip’s deep love of the practice inspires and holds space for an authentic union of mind, body, and spirit that allows his students to connect more deeply to their practice than they could have ever imagined.
A lifelong learner, Chip is an avid student, has studied with some of the world’s best teachers, and has trained extensively in vinyasa, hatha, and yin yoga.


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