When the Kings touch

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  1. Only the king can capture another king. The game plays on without the king lost. His son takes over, the Prince is the new King.

  2. Bro, my man had to take a break from the video to rant about how expensive the movies are 😂 12:08

  3. when he started talking about going to the movies in the US, Levy sounded fully Brooklyn — no hint of a Russian accent at all 😂😂

  4. My friend who is 2000 elo Watches u

  5. he was a lgbt king. he has all the rights to be gay and touch other kings.

  6. I'm watching from Capetown ,South Africa in my house on my bed

  7. Its 2024 and we are watching from afghanistan

  8. “My cousin one time, my cousin and I touched…” – Cartman

  9. You unlock this move only at a rating of 2700. At that level you transcend to higher powers

  10. vidit knew he lost and just did that move as a joke probably hahah

  11. What a falsetto!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  12. So let’s say it’s an end game where white has a king and a pawn. Black only has a king. It the penalty is only time than what’s keeping black from attacking the pawn even if it’s defended.

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