When Book Moves End ,The Video Ends

Hello everyone ,this is a video about book moves and chess theory.


  1. I somehow knew it's gonna be the Marshall attack just from the title lmao

  2. Fools mate is a full game tho

  3. Ironic for Fischer, thinking Chess is all about memorization and Prearrangement, then the Stockfish come out and proved it all wrong.

  4. why all of there are book move
    it almost become a midgame.

  5. ive decided not to care about chess because i came to the same conclusion, yet here i am Mr. Fisher.

  6. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    Chess sucks. #9LX rules. I hope you'll change your channel name to like 9LX wizard or something.

  7. Wasnt it mate in 2 with black bishop and queen😅


  9. Bobby Fisher statement is now more true than ever, the more you study engine and remember moves and lines.. the more you can win

    So a person with better memory is tend to score regardless of what a chess genius score

  10. Chess is beautiful, but unfortunately computers slowly ruin it. But we people still can play it for some 100 years for sure, even Magnus is far away from any decent computer

  11. Theory doesn't matter so much in bullet and blitz, and that's probably why grandmasters play mostly that online.

  12. After so many book moves, i really felt that good move jumpscare

  13. I enjoyed the video, but why is there a typo in the intro?

  14. You can't beat a Ai at chess because they have data

  15. I always try new opening and new position because I want more comfortable all positions and many times i see beautiful tattics .😎

  16. Actually there are a bunch of theoretically forced draws in the najdorf. Although not labeled book moves, you could play entire games without leaving theory.

  17. In 2022, Creativity still has a place in chess. btw memoization focus concentration is also a skill one needs to develop. I think Bobby's still on those old days where we play games for days but if you give a master less time, even Morphy can push him away from theory and play some brilliancies and crush modern masters.

  18. Chess simp: "You're just a cheap f**king knockoff"
    Chess Wizard: "Oh, no, I'm the upgrade"

  19. @1:22 what can white respond to bishop to f3
    isn't that guaranteed mate?

  20. Nice idea,i think Berlin Has more theoretical moves

  21. When you play fischer random to escape teory but get position 528 or smth where its just normal chess and you realised you never can escape teory.

  22. Creativity and innovation over the board are virtually non-existent today.

  23. I am starting to hate Chess after some months playing almost everyday. It is really all about memorization, the strongest moves and do the right thing. Every time someone tries something new to be unpredictable just increases to chance to lose…

  24. BTW, the shortest line which is not represented in the opening book or Lichess database of 624 million games ends on the second move.

    For WHITE.

  25. Олександр Янковський says:

    went to play 960

  26. stockfish trying to judge this game lmao he cant

  27. gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg says:

    Lance 60*
    Xadrez Brasil: "e nessa posição os jogadores costumam jogar…"

  28. At 1:20 i don't understand after the queen move how white can defend checkmate if bishop f3 ?

  29. After Qd3, why black didnt move Bf3? How can white move against it?

  30. "What's the point of perfecting something when it loses what made it special" – some guy who i forgot.

  31. Bro you got an un-development knight in the corner💀

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