What Did India Invent?

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This video has @omaragamyy of Inventions of India including:
0:00 Buttons
1:17 Shampoo
3:05 USB
4:02 Chess
5:00 Snakes And Ladders
6:28 Fiber Optics
7:21 Yoga
8:25 Flush System
9:26 Ruler
10:30 Cataract Surgery
11:30 Plastic Surgery
12:20 Candy
12:45 Using Natural Fibers
13:08 Zero
13:51 Pi


  1. We Indians never understand our value. We always see other people what they say about us . We never released what valuable we are . Thank you telling us about what we have made for this world.❤

  2. It would be nice if he got to know about NALANDA UNIVERSITY 😅

  3. You forgot infinity ♾️ . Our Indian mathematician Ramanujan invented it too.

  4. And now people are struggling to find a toilet

  5. 1st and probably only uneducated guy who run country as pm 🔥💀🗿

  6. Also fun fact: India was the one who actually discovered gravity it was written in a book in a library in Bihar but the british burned it and thousands of years later Newton discovered it again and the British took the claim of discovering gravity

  7. Im an Indian, of course I do pranyam everyday for good health.

  8. Invented by indians❌
    Invented in India ✔️

  9. Tbh Pakistan, India, Bangladesh we’re collectively india for foreigners and 50% Or 70% of these inventions were made before independence so india shouldn’t be given all the credit. Indus valley civilization started from Pakistan so why buttons credit is given to India.

  10. 12:48 "We have like 5000 years ago, we actually made clothes out of cotton.And bessides cotton we also used flax to make LENIN"😂

  11. 0 appeared in Mesopotamia, the Mayans, and India separately in that order.

  12. India before-🗿
    India now- 😎

  13. Speed of light another one that should have been in this list

  14. Wait but this has nothing to do with fortnight

  15. One of the hindu temple in indus now occupied by terorr islam called Pakistan is older than Islam 😂

  16. Thanks Omar for enlightening me on facts that my school in India, while I was growing up, should have done.

    All I learnt from my school history books in India were:

    1. Western allies great
    2. Hitler bad (which is something that I am happy that my history text book covered)
    3. INDIA'S history started only after BABAR (Mughal emperor who invaded and also flourished India to some extent) invaded India.
    4. Gandhi was the ONLY person responsible for Indian independence – which British gave us out of kindness with some pursuation from Nehru
    5. YOGA, Ayurveda and other ancient Indian practices were hogwash and blind superstition

  17. Thank you Omar ❤ for making such a wonderful video on our country

  18. 9:09 this knowledge is destroyed by Muslims and British rulers 🥲

  19. iam a Indian my self and i did not know this

  20. People remembering apple Microsoft google as a biggest invention they remebr their founder name its history pay for there service.

    But its all work on fiber optics cables under the sea. The man Narinder Singh Kapany didn't patented this technology and didn't charges money to use it. That what greatness is. Imagine what if he own filled a patent like most white people do ????

  21. Mughal and British ruin everything ahhhh Damn them

  22. one fact about india as well is it makes about a sixth of the world polpulation

  23. We lost almost all knowledge because some other country burn our ancient text and schools

  24. Please make a video on how India is richest country in the world

  25. As a India i didnt know about this a lot so thank u!

  26. india what did u invent?
    india: british economy

  27. Hey omar can you do a video that the topic is "Roblox's old logos" pleasee??

  28. All of these invention are need of necessities ❤❤❤❤❤

  29. Missed

    University system
    Monastery system

    "Zero" was used by both Indians and Arab . Still debated who was the first to use it.

  30. Any old civilization (Greek, Indian, Persian, Chinese) is bound to do a lot of great things.

  31. Youll get a bit of the credit germany.

  32. yes nalanda university had witness of everything

  33. I am sure there are more inventions, like ludo was known as patt , CV Raman invented raman spectroscopy, Ayurveda is the science of medicine invented in India and many more…

  34. I wonder what happened to people now, why are we going downhill…

  35. India was world most richest country powerhouse GDP was bigger then entire Europe 21 trillion economy britichesr has used our ancestors money in world wars😡 because they successfully captured India ruled for 200 years and divided for make our country weaker invest and transfer our ancestors money in northern america and europe our ancestors earning of sweat and blood was not earned for your idiotic world wars india is not as poojeet once superpower now 5th bigger economy soon 3rd will be soon.

  36. You got me at couching bro. It's literally written in all medical ophthalmology books with name credits of sushrutha. Nice work man

  37. Please make a detailed video of what the British did to India

  38. It's so sad that our ancestors were so progressive thinking inventors. But there is not much new inventions compared to ancient Indians. Our government is busy building statues and temples instead of world class universities.

  39. Bro the drainage system of harappa civilization is world famous!

  40. Shushruta is known as Father of Plastic surgery, his statue is there in RACS Australia

  41. Appreciate your work brother… Not many people research now a days so much …

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