Weird Chess Variants

After a zany wager, Ian must reinvent the world’s most popular game!

Starring Ian and Chris
Editing and effects by Ethan Gelinas

“Living Forever” by JP De Ovando:

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  1. I thought actual fairy chess would come up.

  2. I was expecting it to start slow with Fairy Chess.

  3. The saddest part of this is knowing that this is an actual thing that has been going on for centuries, and in spite of the actually fantastic progress they made in their endeavors, no one today knows or cares about Kriegspiel.

  4. Nice to see you're opening the video with a bongcloud.

  5. >That's the impression that I get

    I understood that reference.

  6. I find your lack of 5D Chess with Multiverse Time Travel to be disturbing.
    It's a game on Steam.

  7. I actually did see a different form of chess the board was played with like 1.5 chess boards and u had a second row of pawns. The pawns acted as supply lines moving along the board while the other pieces where restricted in movements unable to stay 2 lines ahead of the "supply line more then one turn

  8. I play a version of chess called chess plus. All the pieces (except the king) are split in half so that you can combine the pieces. Combined pieces have the movement and attack behaviour of both pieces but if you lose one you lose both of the pieces.

  9. Boxing chess. It's giant chess with humans playing the pieces. Every time a piece tries to capture another piece, they first must box. The winner remains on the board.

  10. Thats hilarious ;D

    Now to be a damn NERD and comment that there are some legit playable Chess Variants that are hilarious, like say, Nuclear Chess, Peasant Uprising, and Sniper Chess.

    But my favorite… Knightmare Chess, that requires a special deck of cards that basically turns it into a zany game of Yu Gi Oh.

  11. I absolutely now need a follow-up of this sketch to find out whether Ian or Samuel L. Jackson wins the bet. With all these ideas it's got to be Ian, right?

  12. See also
    Catan Chess: instant stalemate
    Homebrew Chess: constant arguing about whether or not your pawn can jump over other pieces because his father was a knight
    Yu-Gi-Oh Chess: "I sacrifice my pawn to summon-"
    "You've activated my trap-"
    Wait, no, that's just normal chess.

  13. …I am not sure why you are both playing the black pieces in the Elden Chess but you know what? I won't question it.

  14. These are all great jokes and then there's me, squinting to try and make out the commanders in those deck boxes. I can see Brallin, and must assume Shabraz is behind him in the box, but can't make out the other 2…

  15. Why on Earth would someone make a bet involving coolness with Samuel L. Jackson? Also is it just me or is Elden Chess just regular chess but with sound effects and wearing costumes? I think I've met people who'd be into that.

  16. me: waiting for self-aware chess
    Door Monster: "Chess as internet comedy content"
    me: Close Enough!

  17. me: waiting for self-aware chess
    Door Monster: "Chess as internet comedy content"
    me: Close Enough!

  18. I need to see the Game of Thrones chess where, after checking the king and being on the cusp of victory, your own pawns take you out along with your queen and all your officers.

  19. Eh needs some trap spaces and MULTI BALL square.

  20. Ska jokes are back?
    What a time to be alive!

  21. In-game purchase chess: 4,99 to get a second queen!

  22. I really want to try chess on a Snakes and Ladders board

  23. The "What?" at the end is such a callback, love it

  24. Where is my 4D chess with multiverse time travel?

  25. I feel weird, my name is also Ian and I have the exact same jacket as him

  26. "And the one we can't play for the life of us: 5D Chess with Multiversal Time Travel."

  27. I'm afraid what Ikea chess would do to the gaming space… and possibly the universe

  28. Lazy Susan chess could work- just switch sides every 5 moves or so.

  29. Trial by Combat chess is just Chess Boxing.

  30. Let me guess, too much time on r/anarchychess?

  31. Can someone explain the Elden one to me? I'm guessing it's about Elden Ring, but I know next to nothing about that game beyond its name, and I cant find a quick rundown of the gameplay and memes, so I'm confused.

  32. "The Impression That I Get" is by Mighty Mighty Bosstones, not Reel Big Fish!

  33. Best Chess Variant: Knightmare Chess.

    It’s chess with a deck of cards the players use to alter the rules of the game and make one-off special moved.

    You will never change my mind 😛

  34. Watching this made me realize that my brain is probably done with my research for today.

  35. what about Lying Chess
    if you can plausibly suggest it, it works! (like the tumblr post)

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