Weird Chess Rules You Probably Didn’t Know About

Odd Chess Rules You Didn’t Know Existed!

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  1. Other than the first one mentioned, anyone ranked 1000+ knows about these rules. Clickbait video.

  2. Why is en passant rule only vallid for enemy pawns? Why cant other, if possible, pieces caputure the "dashing" pawn?

  3. 3:03 I assume this is not a real position, because otherwise how did the bishop get there?

  4. bro how did the bishop get to h8 with the pawn on g7 in the way?

  5. I hate stalemates, the person who cannot move anywhere without check should have to move and then face the consequences

  6. I ain’t never played by no touch to move rule. If someone expects me to play by that, I just don’t play against them because it makes you unable to think with your hands well and it makes you unable to do one of the most important things in chess: Make sure every single piece is centered properly. 💀

  7. Didn't Magnus during a game move all the pieces to the center of its square? I don't believe the no touch rule applied to it

  8. So if you are in check and accidentally touch the wrong piece, do you automatically lose? I'll never play by that rule. That's ridiculous.

  9. Not gonna lie, I feel a bit disappointed that there's nothing in this video about the legality of surrounding a king with four bishops that are all on the same colour squares, as advertised in the thumbnail.

  10. What if you touch a piece that you can’t move (ex. rook)?

  11. I always teach the 'En Passant' rule by saying, "If you move your pawn two squares past an opponent's pawn to avoid being captured by that pawn — it won't work. You can still be captured."

  12. In high school I down in a game. My opponent castled by grabbing his rook first. I felt like an ass, but called him on that rule. Winning is nice, but I did not feel too good after that game.

  13. For that stalemate rule, i want to know how the bishop got there in ge first place

  14. Magnus did not lose he actually speak to a different referee which he got his win.

  15. what about that old chess rule when its the kings pawn promoted to a rook and it haven't moved yet you can castle with this rook

  16. Touch rule is stupid in casual. I just walk away if people insist on it when you're just casually playing. It's only a game, don't be an ass.

  17. The thumbnail is already illegal

  18. in the end, how tf did that bishop get there.

  19. you gotta be 300 elo or smth to not know these rules

  20. the idea behind the en passant is that pawns are soldiers using spears, when you do en passant, it's like if your pawn got the enemy pawn before he got to the position he wanted, thus why you can only do it the move after it happened

  21. The white queen just un-checked the king💀

  22. There is also Eminem Passant where pawn is removed from play if the Real Slim Shady does not stand up. 🥷

  23. The last example board is impossible. You had a bishop in the corner blocked by a pawn in its starting position. The bishop could not get there unless the pawn were to move, but pawns cant go backwards

  24. A player can touch a piece to adjust the position, for example if it is poorly centered in the square. You are supposed to say "j'adoube" first, but I've seen high level tournament play where people didn't announce it and still they let it go. Magnus did this a while ago and somebody asked him about it in the post-game conference, and he seemed absolutely dismissive, said something like "do better" to the journalist, like that wasn't even a reasonable thing to bring up. In comments, nobody was really arguing he should have been forced to move that piece, but some thought it was a serious breach of etiquette. So I guess we could say it was controversial whether or not that should be controversial.

  25. The most odd and annoying chess rule for me is remis, when the opponent can't move anymore.

  26. Good video, yet due to the clickbait thumbnail, you got a dislike.

  27. I had never heard of en passant and I thought chess was glitching I got so mad I threw my phone because of it

  28. This is the most confidently incorrect video I have ever seen.

  29. All are well known except for claiming a win (which isn’t often used)

  30. 3:02 How did a black bishop end up on h8 blocked by a pawn on g7? 🤔

  31. 2:55 It's blacks turn, if it's white's turn, that means white made two moves at once or black puted itself in check, both are illegal. Seecthat the queen was checking the king?

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