We Tried To Beat THE STRONGEST New Chess Bot

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Me and my GM Mom Pia Cramling (rated 2450) tried to beat the new chess bot Agent chess rated 2700! This was a tough match but let me know if you have been able to beat it 😀

(Affiliate links, purchases made through these links may generate revenue for Anna)

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  1. Well done guys! Really impressive watching expert players consider everything!

  2. I love love this video! More mum analysis videos I say

  3. This is so wholesome. What do you think Anna keeps looking at to her left? (not her mom)

  4. I have a video idea. Show her a game you played and let her suggest moves she thinks it's better

  5. Now that you know its going to wimp out and go after a draw play it again and don't let it draw .

  6. Pia is a legend! I remember being 10 years old playing Pia and Dan at passanten in Huddinge, those were the days! 🙂

  7. Can I ask: is your mom a women's grandmaster or an actual grandmaster?

  8. What do we need to improve our mental health? The Cramlings!

  9. I love how Anna’s mom is now everyone’s mom lol

  10. I love your mom I wish she could teach me chess lol

  11. I wonder if Anna and her parents talk to each other in english or is it just for the video

  12. Why is there a distinction between men and women in chess? What's the point? You mentioned she was top rated woman in the world. She and you are awesome. Just curious about this.

  13. Seems your mom is much more stronger than you ….
    She analyzes all the position and explaines it’s to you….
    Good team job !!

  14. lululul hes speaking Matrix lines although chessified…

  15. Great to hear her thought process. Thanks!

  16. Anna, your FIDE Elo is 2066.
    Not 2200.

  17. It is a great lesson to see how important it is to be patient in chess.

  18. Your mom is the cutest chess girl ever!! 💞

  19. Absolutely very good instructive commentary on how one should play the game.A must watch for anyone who wants to learn the game.Thank you both for the great analysis.

  20. it's funny Pia won't commit to saying what a best move is but just that "it's certainly possible," and letting Anna choose their direction and fate

  21. What country are you from?? You look like a swedish girl, not like an american!!

  22. You can tell her Mom really loves Anna. Wholesome!

  23. You are both so cute. This was really enjoyable and educational. You actually made the same move I would have once, lol.

  24. your mom is awesome, let's get a Pia YT channel going!

  25. Knowing your opponent's intended moves is demonstrated incredibly well here, separates us mortals from grandmasters….nice video

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