We Tried To Beat THE STRONGEST New Chess Bot

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Me and my GM Mom Pia Cramling (rated 2450) tried to beat the new chess bot Agent chess rated 2700! This was a tough match but let me know if you have been able to beat it 😀

(Affiliate links, purchases made through these links may generate revenue for Anna)

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  1. I love Pia. Does she have her own channel?

  2. i cannot believe that she is too old but still is very smart

  3. pias analysis is so sharp and easy to digest, big thanks for the great video anna 😀

  4. Wow, that was fun! And educational. Nice analysis really making me think. Great idea. Totally worth the time to enjoy. Thank you both, mama, daughter!

  5. That was great. Always enjoy watching these. So easy to listen to your mom explain the moves. Something about the way she explains makes you want to listen real hard.

  6. Wait, how can the draw just be accepted like that? Doesn't a draw have to be offered and then accepted?

  7. The way you look at your mum. Love it. She clearly means a lot to you.

  8. im 1100 peak is 1300 and beat agnt chess first try

  9. I little quiet upset. I came here to see you winning but yeah good game. Please next time try to play to win against these bots 👍👍

  10. I Beat All The BigSoccer Moderators Back In The Day On RedHotPawn Back In The Day…

    …I Was Like A Chess-Ninja…

    …A Bit Like Bruce Lee And Jackie Chan…

  11. now try mittens if that thing is still around, mittens is best bot

  12. Is this all you do all day Anna, play chess & make chess videos, if so I need to improve my 1500 rating & do the same eh?

  13. you look a lot like your mother 🙂 genetic transmission 98%

  14. alguem que assiste e gosta do video mas nao entende nada ? kskskskssk

  15. It's so endearing how willing Anna's mom is to help her make content.

  16. I really love hearing Pia think out loud.

  17. Pia identifies brilliant positional ideas in a few seconds that would take me 15 minutes to see and then dismiss as being too complicated.

  18. Anna or anyone else who can help. I subscribed to your channel and received a Nicegram asking for a response, but I have no clue what to do next?

  19. Bishop to B3 could have been the game changer

  20. Your mom is so humble! That is amazing! So much depth in her!

  21. I just love how excited to play chess mother and daughter are. And how giddy they seem every time they make a move. Like they can barely contain their joy and not burst out laughing with every move. Awesome!

  22. they’re so good it took me like 40min to get through the video bc i kept having to pause to play out mama cram’s hypotheticals bc i cant visualize chess notation and then once i comprehended what she was saying id need a moment to pog and recollect myself

  23. – Knock, knock.
    – Who's there?
    – Grandma.
    – Grandma who?
    – Grandmaster.

  24. ok Anna I been a subscriber for a little while.. But if you going to make this content you deserve to get the bell.. (My only sub that has a bell btw).

  25. "The bot is programmed to trash talk" hahaha

  26. Please do this again! I am excited if you can beat it

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