Typical World Champion Bullying A 14-Year-Old Chess Match – Not Baka Mitai

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  1. Has anyone noticed that the premium button is Subscribe or I’ll send you my nudes?

  2. Wait that's not fair,When I bully a 14 y/o it was me who gets the jail.But when gary does it, nobody cares.

  3. How was that bullying??! They were evenly matched

  4. For everyone wondering the song is Beethoven virus featuring Diana Boncheva

  5. Everybody gangsta til there is only one rust in the steel move list

  6. So much theoretical moves I've never seen.

  7. The board's greener than any activist could ever imagine

  8. Your channel is actually really good, i hope you grow more and more with this kind of video. Congrats

  9. Meanwhile, kasparov having knightmarish flash backs of deep blue

  10. Alternate title: 14 yr old Magnus Carlsen vs International Grand master Garry Kasparov

  11. that book move is enough to fill out an entire museum of library

  12. Кто знает как называется музыка?

  13. The best chess player in the world nowadays
    The guy who invented the game

  14. this my favourite chess video of all time i like chess simp videos!

  15. give PGN of this game like e4 e5 nf3

  16. Thought the were going the x wins y loses game but nope it's just super long

  17. i Video "Magnus Carlsen (Age 11) vs Sampsa Nyysti

  18. Magnus viewing his scrapbook and drinking coke was very cute!

  19. The kid was bullying Kasparov… Looks like he was lucky to get away with a draw.

  20. the song is not beethoven virus. i have no idea where people are getting that from. the song is west bad – jeremy black

  21. no teenager bullied a chess champion the way Judit Polgar bullied Kasparov.

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