Typical Chess but Chinese Chess | Baka Mitai

Typical Chess but it’s Chinese Chess.
Baka Mitai.

This is Chinese Chess, If you are interested in playing it.
You can play it in:

The website is currently in Beta. Also I am a noob in this game.

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  1. Why do they have to make everything so weird dbvdvdbfdgyg egg ughrDJDHRBNRHHFHDNN DO CD

  2. Me who plays xiangqi: what the actual god damn fuck is they are the doing

  3. LOL there are lots of checkmates for black she just missed them

  4. I have lost in Xiangqi so many times I already know three moves in tha black player gonna get the biggest asswhooping in history

  5. What did I just watch it’s like two beginners playing

  6. PlayKanKan: Plays against him self
    People: gangsta

  7. what a perfect time to get a chinese mcdonalds ad

  8. Can you do mahjong next lol?(Also can kings move diagonally I haven't played in a while)

  9. Fyi, chinese chess isn't that hard. Kings are restricted to the middle box, they cant see each other so it's easier to checkmate, and most of the time the more aggressive player will win. Which is most of the time red. There is barely anything you can do for king safety in this game. So if you ever want to play it, please be wary your king is going to be harassed 90% of the time

  10. Thanks for showing this, but please Baka mita isn’t funny at all in this situation, it’s honestly overused and the content would be so much more enjoyable if you found something fresh that actually related to the video

  11. Me when playing Chinese chess: noice cause I am Chinese
    Me when playing International chess: it's OK not too bad
    Me when playing Chinese chess with International chess pieces: wtf
    (sad xue hua piao piao noises)

  12. Both players are freaking trash. For starters, you won't move your middle pawn forwards at the beginning of the game. Usually you won't trade your strong attacking pieces (ie rook, horse and cannon, especially cannon) easily with some pieces of defense unless your pieces have gained positional advantage. Last but not least, black missed a chance of checkmate.

  13. Rules:
    Pawn can only move forward and once they cross the river (the big band of emptiness) they can also move left and right

    Cannons move like rooks but needs a piece in between it and another piece to capture

    Rooks are just rooks

    Knights move one square laterally and a move diagonally to get an L shape so if the intersection laterally adjacent is occupied it can't move that way

    Elephants moves 2 spaces diagonally so if the middle point is occupied it can't move in that direction. It also can't cross the river.

    Queens (or more appropriately, guards), move 1 step diagonally and must stay in the palace.

    Kings can only move 1 step laterally, must stay in the palace and can snipe each other thru the board

  14. As a player of Go, Chess and Chinese chess, It feels very cursed seeing symbols instead of Chinese characters, and also the pieces should be octogon instead of a circle

  15. Everybody gangster till the pawn move sideways

  16. Why do the guards look so similar to the chariots (rooks) this is so confusing

  17. Let me try and show the differences between Chinese chess and normal chess since I used to play.

    :In Chinese chess there's 3 new pieces which are the cannon ,(bishop?? )and the elephant. The cannon can attack by jumping over 1 unit so it's basically a root but it indeeds a unit in front of it to attack. The elephant is like that weird Chinese knock off of the horse which it can only move in 2 by 2 squares. (I'll talk about the "bishop" later)

    :the pawns in Chinese chess eat in front and once it crosses the bridge u can move the pawns sideways. (however there is no promotion in Chinese chess) the pawns also can't move backwards so once you've reached the other end it's stuck and can only move sideways.

    :horses and elephant has this thing where u can block their movement if u put a unit in front of them (this one is very hard to explain without showing) basically u can create a chance where ur house can attack their but theirs can't attack your (you can't do that in normal chess)

    :theres also this 3 by 3 square where the king can only move in the 3 by 3 square. The Bishop spawns beside the king and can only move sideways by 1 move like a king. The Bishop is also confined to the 3 by 3 at the king

    :last I would like to point out how the opponent lost as u might be asking why didn't he just move to the side. Well there's this thing called flying check where u cant face the opponents king. Basically the king can act like a root if there's no plans blocking it which is really cool.

    I hope I didn't miss anything Lmao I spent to much time typing this

  18. I didn’t even know this existed and I have no idea what’s happening

  19. 1:05 Just move straight the 'rook' to the end and black win…….

  20. For people who don’t understand how to play just

    Takes, takes, takes, takes, and then it’s just a good position for white

  21. For those who are confused, here are what the pieces can and cannot do:
    Ping/Pawn (soldier in English) : it won't take pieces diagonally like English chess, but it takes pieces one tile ahead of it. Once it crosses the 'river' to the opponent's side, it can move sideways.

    Pao/cannon: it can move around like a rook, but to activate its ability, there has to be a piece in front of the pao first (friendly or enemy piece), then it'll take the 2nd piece after. For example, at 0:33, the red cannon has a pawn in front of it and then the rook. So it can fly across the whole length of the board and take the rook.

    Ma/horse: moves just like the Knight but with a small difference. The horse is supposed to go 2 tiles first before turning to either direction. Using the example at 0:33 again, the red Knight is blocked by the pawn and cannot so it can't move to the left or to the top. The pawn or cannot needs to move away first before the horse can move up.

    Zhe/car/chariot in old times: it's the only piece that plays like the English rook.

    Xiang: it can only move in quadrants. So imagine a box, it can only move from one corner to the other diagonal corner of a 2×2 box.

    Se/eunuch: imagine a 'cut' bishop. They can only move diagonally one tile at a time and are only confined to the square box in the middle.

    Ziang/ king: can only move within the box. However, if there is no piece between the Kings, the player can have an immediate checkmate. This is known as fei ziang or flying King.

    Some pin yin may be off so apologies in advance!

  22. No matter how you play, Asian dad will destroy your defense in 0.00042069 second

  23. Now play it, but all the chess except General are face down

  24. When you don't understand the Chinese Chess concept : 1:06

  25. when you only know regular chess and see the pawn move sideways

  26. I remember playing this with my grandpa, but i've also forgotten how to play.

  27. I used to be really good at Chinese chess when I was a kid. Now I have kind of forgotten how some pieces move.

  28. Game: Chinese
    Music: Japanese
    Title of video: English
    Me: Indian
    The world is wonderful…

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