Typical Chess but Chinese Chess | Baka Mitai

Typical Chess but it’s Chinese Chess.
Baka Mitai.

This is Chinese Chess, If you are interested in playing it.
You can play it in:

The website is currently in Beta. Also I am a noob in this game.

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  1. i'm having trouble reading the board because it's in symbols not characters that I'm used to lmao

  2. Lmao this is the benefit of being a Chinese chess player 😂

  3. Yeah, about that match, those move are really bad

    I have played chinese chess with my dad for so long to know those move suck

  4. Instead of baka mitai, it should be ching cheng hanji

  5. bro stop with the baka mitai its not funny

  6. -sees a pawn move horizontally


  7. Here’s how to play Chinese chess.

    Rooks are worth 9, horses and cannons are 5, elephants are 2, kings guards and pawns are worth 1.

    Cannons need an object to kill the thing behind it. It can lead to nice discovery attacks.

    Knights need an open space right in front of where they’re heading, or else they can’t jump there. They’re a nerfed version of regular knights.

    The elephants are a defensive piece that move 2 diagonally, and can be used to guard your 2 and 4 pawns and enemy pawns. They can go in all directions but not past the river.

    The kings guards go 1 diagonally because the king can only go horizontally and vertically.

    if your king is open to the opponents king, than it acts as a rook and snipes it. Whichever king was open first gains the sniping advantage.

    Pawns move 1 forward and can move left or right past their territory or river. They’re a lot more dangerous in Chinese chess because in regular chess everything is much more tight and compact.

    Generally, if a piece you have is in the enemy territory, it has a lot more freedom than in regular chess.

  8. It's so easy to understand, you just takes, takes, takes, takes and check and that's checkmate.

  9. the cannons have to jump over a piece to attack its kinda like checkers

  10. I'm honestly a professional at that game, but ther is not "飞天将" btw i hope u know what im saying xD

  11. If the two generals face each other along the same file with no intervening pieces, the 飛將 ("flying general") move may be executed, in which the general to move crosses the board to capture the enemy general. In practice, this rule means that creating this situation in the first place means moving into check, and is therefore not allowed. (Xiangqi – Wikipedia)

  12. The accuracy of black was around 12.5, because of two blunders move and couple of mistake move

  13. seeing a game of chinese chess where the cannon doesn't open on C5 is fucking cursed.

  14. For those that didnt understand the checkmate, there is a rule that the kings cannot face each other with no pieces between them. Thus, the king can't go back to J5 because of that rule.

  15. Ok, almost 1 year playing chess and I don't understand what's going on here

  16. 卧槽,完全变样了,不会下了,看不懂了XD

  17. "mom i want to play chess"
    "We have chess at home"

    Chess at home:

  18. This design is much better than the original Chinese chess design as the Chinese chess in China only has abstract Chinese 字s for you to guess out their meanings

  19. I didn't understand anything but I could say who was playing bad through song 😂😂😂

  20. Me: watches this video
    Also me, discovered chinese chess by clicking this video: 🙂👍

  21. the video: is about chinese chess
    Chinese in the comment: ADIOS
    Vietnamese in the comment: It free real estate

  22. Summarising Xiangqi/Chinese Chess pieces in a nutshell (comparing against chess):
    Soldier: Pawn but different
    Horse: Nerfed Knight
    Elephant/Advisor: Nerfed bishops
    Chariot: R O O K
    Cannon: Rook but it jumps while capturing
    General: King but different
    Queen: Literally nonexistent

  23. New piece in this type of chess, what is it called?

  24. ppl who have played chinese chess or is chinese in general:haha pro gamer move go brrrr

  25. deadly combo's:
    1, 2 cannons
    2, 1 canon, 1 car(rook)
    3, 2 horses(knights)

  26. Never actually thought u would play this i specialise in shinese chess lol…

  27. At 1:17 why did Black Chariot sacrifice itself? Shouldn't it just have moved away?

  28. the sounds are wrong! black's move sounds are the capture sounds for both sides, and red's move sounds are the move sounds for both sides

  29. I kind of lost it when black missed a mate in one.

  30. Man, after 3 years of not touching this game, I still recognize my favourite ending move and I cannot believe that he missed that

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