Typical -47,000 Chess match

Typical -47,000 Chess match
chess meme. chess game.

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  1. i laughed at this video but im scared one day i will be here :((

  2. Ahh yes, know this scenario all to well, considering that is my ELO rating

  3. Analyzing engine be like that when it see them playing "No no plz do not press on alnalyzing plz dude, do not do it it hurt my CPU" 😂😂😂😂😂

  4. me: winning than hangs mate in 1

  5. you can be sure i've seen a much, much, much, much, much, much worse game

  6. The Krampus, el banano que vive en carcosa says:

    im the only that feels these people are bad at chess?

  7. at some point you starting to think – thats not real

  8. In "Chinese chess" (completely different game), if your opponent has no legal moves, you win.

  9. That mate in one is invisible to the negative eye

  10. They've been equally bad, that's why it is a draw

  11. When you watch a fight movie you like a little back and forth, be thrown for a ride. Who wants to see people in a match without swings and surprises?

  12. A chess game played perfectly will always end in a draw

  13. Chess are way more interesting if you're -47k elo

  14. heart this or mario will come and steal ur liver

  15. аххахахахахахаххахахахаххахахахахаххахахахахахахахахаххахахахахаххахахахахахаххахахахаххахахахахахахахаххахахахахахаххахахахахахаххахахахахахаххахахахахахааххахахахахахахахахаххаахахахахахаххахаааааххаххаахахахаххахахахахахахаххахахахахххххххххххххххххххххххахахахахахаххахаха

  16. these people think stockfish is a type of broth

  17. the human brain were not meant to reach this level of intellegince.

  18. Perfect chess game always ends with a draw

  19. As we know, every perfect game must end in a draw

  20. I was like “bro imagine stale” on the last part and it..

  21. With perfect play the game of chess will always result in a draw.

  22. 1:03 This made me a little angry if he moved the queen up the king would be in checkmate

  23. a chess game played perfectly always ends in a draw

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