Trying to play “normal chess”

In this video, I try to play “normal chess”. Needless to say, abnormal things happened. It was bananas. Analyze the game:
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  1. When you're too good that you don't look at the board

  2. i'm pretty sure ben finegold dislike this video. LOL

  3. I have spilled
    the tea
    that was on
    the table

    onto the banana
    you were probably
    for lunch

    Forgive me
    for the spillage
    so sad
    and so wet

  4. Now he's Eric "Uh on my queen" Rosen.

  5. Do you not understand the word

    D O N ' T ?

  6. NEVER click a cat or dog video on youtube my homepage is 90% animal videos and cant get rid of them already blocked 400 channels today

  7. Eric with his best Gotham impression "oh, no! My queen! 😈"

  8. Oh the mischievous smile had me laughing 😆 😄

  9. When I try to play "normal chess", me or my opponent just end up doing something completely insane and I just lose the control over the game XD

  10. “Oh no my tea…. opponent takes free tea… check mate in one”

  11. Hey Eric, you should watch a Netflix series called “Queen’s Gambit.” It’s really good, it’s about a female chess prodigy from the 50s and 60s.

  12. That blindfold really flattened the playing field.

  13. he really liked his banana thumbnail

  14. Torre Attack / Wet Banana Defense … (starts taking notes)

  15. Wait… How is he typing if he's wearing a blindfold

  16. The real question is… why Eric keeps moving his blindfold. Does it have another purpose than blindfold chess 🤨🧐

  17. Eric while losing his queen: call an ambulance call an ambulance
    after checkmating the king: BUT NOT FOR ME

  18. Never miss any move. I repeat, Never miss any move.
    Your voice is just amazing.
    🎧 on, 👀 off.

  19. never let a pawn get to the 6th but definitely not the 7th or in his case the 3rd and 2nd

  20. Eric: Oh no my queen
    But oh no your king😂😂

  21. Alexa: just trying it's best
    Eric: "Did you not understand the word DON'T"

  22. don't do blindfold, it's not real chess, plus you spill your tea all over the banana.

  23. Wow, Eric saw tactic for the checkmate so many moves earlier even blindfolded. This is something I’d never find even in a classical game. Holy…

  24. @Eric: the real Woman is more stessfull, but also more fun than Alexa.

  25. Just thow your Alexa away. The real Girl is much more annoing, and much more fun when you have managed through her I'm different than the others thing.

  26. Please don‘t play blindfolded it‘s so annoying

  27. If you ever watched Eric's streams, this is indeed perfectly normal chess.

  28. Kinda brutal. And an unnecessary queen sack. Love it!

  29. Why are you playing these beginners all the time? Why not players with a similar rating as your self?

  30. Oh.. No.. My Queen..
    Enemy: Ok, ok, I give up.

  31. What a flex. Can sac a bishop but instead sacs the queen.

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