Trying to play “normal chess”

In this video, I try to play “normal chess”. Needless to say, abnormal things happened. It was bananas. Analyze the game:
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  1. ytf does the title say normal chess??? i didn’t click to watch blindfold chess

  2. Eric – "Oh no! My tea!"
    Us – "Careful! That's a tea sacrifice! He'll get it back in double later."

  3. I believe Simon Williams also plays the Raptor variation, but let's be honest, this is no surprise given that it has that name and involves pushing the h pawn.

  4. Hey boss ….i m 1800 in lichess and pretty much win every time playing white if i go with this opening …using opening called center game von see lasa gambit never heard of it but works lol? Any input anyone ?

  5. This is the first time I've seen someone mention the Torre System besides the ginger gm

  6. Alexa out here playing Despacito more times than a Democrat in Miami

  7. Almost like Capablanca in 1908 😀

  8. I would have fallen for your oh no, my pawn.

  9. i like he takes with queen instead of bishop and says "i sac the queen and won the game haha" :DDDDDd

  10. There's nothing worse then a sad and wet banana…

  11. Such a remarkable chess brain….spills tea on his banana. If that were a euphemism he would have screamed!

  12. Eric Rosen has become the Banana Man. Eric rosen's GM super alter ego.

  13. Eric’s face trying not to laugh was so good there at “uh ohh my queen”

  14. Listening to this in bed at 1am… I start to hear voices going on around my covers… my Alexa has started to play despicato. I don’t know HOW it heard it!

  15. If you hear o o my you need to tale a minute if you don't see the scare

  16. I can't even imagine me playing blindfold game.

  17. I think the only time I've heard Eric get annoyed is at that god damn Alexa.

  18. Imagine getting DMCA for playing 2 seconds of Despacito

  19. Knight H3 was better huh.
    Quite impressive calculating that mate.

  20. How do you know when Eric isTrolling! He says “ Uh Oh, my ____”

  21. Eric Rosen is imposter 😂 that was crazy bruh 🔥🔥

  22. When he said he spilled his tea, all I could think was "Oh, no, my tea!"

  23. I would never feel bad if Eric Rosen beat me. He’s such a nice guy

  24. I remember getting taught something like this in a chess camp as a kid. Called the pawn steamroller: you simply push the pawns,rolling the steamroller down the opponent's throat.

  25. so this is how an unripe banana looks like before a green screen ((-:

  26. "Alexa don't play Desapacito"
    "here's Despacito remix by Da–"

  27. Ok I had a hunch that Eric had photographic memory but this proves it. He must be able to fully visualize the board in his mind. Very impressive!

  28. I had a laugh xD great chess. I wish to be in your level one day

  29. doing checkmate with one piece (not back rank) feels like you completed chess

  30. Maybe my favourite Rosen miniature… at least out of the ones that aren't Stafford

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