Top 10 Mind Blowing Facts About Chess

“The Queen’s Gambit” has thrust this iconic game back into the spotlight! For this list, we’ll be looking at the most fascinating facts about the game of chess. Our countdown includes The Pieces Look Like They Do for a Reason, “Checkmate” Has a Cool Origin Story, There Are Billions of Potential Play Combinations, and more! How close are you to becoming a Grandmaster? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Im as close as being a Master at chess as Jake Paul is as close at being able to beat anyone he calls out

  2. ohh, I thought this was going to be about the musical 🙁

  3. Did anyone else notice Sagar Shah in this video?

  4. Why would the church think Chess deserved to be banned?

  5. I’m surprised there was no mentioned of Hnefatafl

  6. your opponent's king is the only piece you'll never be able to touch.

  7. I really don't think that's how you pronounce "Sheikh".

  8. Me sacrificing four pawns to defeat the bishop.

    Everyone else at the church service: confused Tom

  9. I love watchmojo but you are running out of ideas

  10. "The pieces look like they do for a reason"

    Hmm, yes, the floor here is made out of floor

  11. Grandmaster MoistCr1tical better make an appearance here…

  12. @ChessbaseIndia Take this video down too..
    why are you behaving unfairly

  13. Interesting Facts about my one of the favorite games

  14. After watching this, it would be cool to be a grandmaster someday.

  15. Open game is not the name of an opening. It is a description of a mid game that involves less pawns on the board.

  16. It's not a great look when the first thing we see on screen is wrong. That isn't a clip from The Thomas Crown Affair from 1999, it's the 1968 version.

  17. Hi mojo, i love chess and i wanted to be a chess player in the time of lockdown. I decided to become a chess master. So love the video. It increases my vast knowledge of chess. I believe that you will bring more videos about chess in upcoming months. Good video

  18. I remember my grandpa played with a guy at the park, but it actually was him playin himself going under the tables

  19. About half of the boards in this video are set up with kings and queens reversed.

  20. Let me guess theres a trendy new show so now chess is popular now?

  21. I was enjoying this video up until the origins of chess part. There are recordings of chess boards and pieces from Africa dating back over 1,200 years. India and Africa are ancient cousins. But information in those days flowed to the north from the south. Information often followed the same patterns of the human migrations from Africa. Chess in it's earliest form like many things, started in Kemet. aka Africa. But you guys are doing great other wise : )

  22. That was fantastic👍🏽 Except for the the Thomas Crown Affair date, this was the original and not the one in 99

  23. i find it trippy the advertisement i get is for some "MasterClass" about Chess O_o…

  24. Can you imagine being stuck at a stupid board game for over 20 hours straight?!
    Player 1: "Awww c'moooon, just end it already!"
    Player 2: "I'm getting hungry over here, can't we take a break?"
    Player 1: "God's sakes I gotta take a dump!"
    Player 2: "I was supposed to go in for surgery an hour ago!!!"

  25. In Magic i had a deck that could create a finite number of Tokens (So It was not infinite, but it my as well have been since the number was around 10 to the power of 1000

  26. Over a thousand different openings is a bit misleading. Like how many moves constitute an opening?

  27. I played in a tournament in the 5th grade.
    took 11 place.
    beat an appointment with a 4 move checkmate that I learned as the fools mate.
    have not played in years.

  28. Showing guta empire with an Arab in desert is disgrace to all indians watching this video.

  29. You can't have a top 10 facts list and have #1 as "may of", what kind of bs is that?

  30. The odds of a fools mate actually happening in a game must be astronomical. It would never happen to someone who knows how to play even slightly above beginners level. And someone below that level , playing white , would never open by moving those pawns in that manor.

  31. The game of chess is definitely one of the games in the history of mankind

  32. Copyright Strike by Chessbase India incoming 🔥🔥

  33. I suppose most of commenters here posh as grandmasters .

  34. #10 is bogus, the standard pieces today are known as Staunton sets who popularized their design. The pieces hold within them how each respective piece moves on the chess board hidden in the design

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