Top 10 Mind Blowing Facts About Chess

“The Queen’s Gambit” has thrust this iconic game back into the spotlight! For this list, we’ll be looking at the most fascinating facts about the game of chess. Our countdown includes The Pieces Look Like They Do for a Reason, “Checkmate” Has a Cool Origin Story, There Are Billions of Potential Play Combinations, and more! How close are you to becoming a Grandmaster? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. "There are 1000 different openings in chess"
    Shows 1. b4 b5, 2. c3 Nc6, 3. Ba3 e5
    "This is not one of them"

  2. The Thomas Crown Affair you showed was from 1968 not 1999, Steven McQueen died 1980

  3. I've been playing competitive chess for 50 years and I'm no where near being a grandmaster. But then, I'm not that bright. Just ask my opponents.

  4. Can't thank Netflix and Twitch enough for making chess mainstream again. For a while, I was worried that decades in the future the general young population would literally have no idea what chess is.

  5. The first "fact" is just plain wrong. Chess pieces gained their familiar look as recently as 1849. They were designed by Nathanial Cook and the first sets were sold by Jacques of London. The design was created to give all chess pieces a standard look, so the pieces couldn't be confused by people from different clubs or cultures. Howard Staunton, the self proclaimed world champion at that time, gave his name to the design, so they became known as "Staunton style pieces."

    The pieces not representing people because of the Islamic faith is also nonsense. Islam is believed to have began in the 7th century. Some chess pieces found in Uzbekistan that date back to 760AD which depicted people riding animals as well as two soldiers. Also, the oldest known Isle of Lewis set can be dated back to 1150. Which entirely depicts people. So your claim about them being made more "vague and universal" and the pieces remaining unchanged since the 9th century is also false.

  6. One of the things I love about chess is that it doesn't rely on luck like most games

  7. "how close are you to becoming a grandmaster?" opens game with 1. b4

  8. Before videogames this was thee game to play.
    It was so popular that Bobby Fischer at one point was the most famous person in the world.
    Russia has chess as a required class in school.

  9. FACT number 9:
    – It MIGHT help with memory function

  10. This was a first. A mojo vid that was actually researched.

  11. In high school, I was into chess, Rush and Doctor Who. I was a nerdy outcast.

    Today, all three are hip. (RIP Neil)

  12. And the most entertaining player ever was Mikhail Tal!!!

  13. Apperently it's also very exciting. I was at a basketball summer camp in 2013 and we were done for the day around 7pm. The rule was that we were to go to bed by 9pm. Around 8.30pm me and another camper decided to play a quick game (not that quick). 9pm rolls around and we were halfway done, but the counselors and a fair bit of campers were curious enough to allow the game to be finished before we went to bed. It's 9.30pm and I win (it was more or less a clear cut win for me when I captured his queen with a knight and my queen was safe). We also didn't play with a timer… it wasn't included and I can't play with a ticking clock.

  14. @1:41; that Chess Set is an Excalibur Chess Gear set. It is the same type of set that was used in "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me."

  15. @5:40, the Chess Set is set up wrong. The Kings, and Queens are switched.

  16. Who cast Lawrence Fishburn and Samuel L Jackson on chess mentor roles? Are they tryna confuse us?

  17. And then there's Shogi (Japanese Chess/Game of Generals), which is Chess, but on a 9×9 +re-playable captured pieces. So… Chess: Asian Hardmode.

  18. There's nothing mind blowing in this video, all common chess knowledge

  19. My rating in chess is about 1600, I am 41, so I am as close to becoming a grand master as all players weaker than me… and squirrels too for that matter.

  20. 0:30 How close I am to become a grandmaster after watching a couple of chess videos in youtube? It is definitely not as close as putting my life together through 2020 and 2021. Kappa

  21. My highest ranking was 720, so you could say I am close to being a GM soon

  22. As for me: Maybe chess prevents me from getting Alzheimer, but if I continue always getting angry when blundering, playing chess could lead to a heart attack 😀

  23. numerous amount of time and here i am play bullet LOL

  24. who's here after watching ted-ed's video?

  25. They forgot the most mind blowing fact of all, that homeless Jesus aka moistcritikal defeated xqc in 6 moves

  26. I got a friend in Fools' Mate the first time this past weekend! Super Proud of that move!

  27. That thing about Queen Isabella is pretty cool. What would be even cooler, IMO, is if before she introduced the change, the rules were the opposite than what they are now, the king being able to move as the queen is [now] allowed, and the queen being limited to one square.
    Then she would say "Screw this. The QUEEN should be free, and the king hobbled. Change the rules and I'll give it my blessing."

  28. 1,327 openings.
    How many actual moves are in an opening? Seems to me there's one move. Whatever single move with an individual piece you choose is your opening.
    But somethings tells me that's not correct, (I haven't grabbed a chessboard and a calculator yet), so
    Does the 1,327 'openings' mentioned include the first two moves, (one white move, one black move), only ONE white move, or some other number of moves?

  29. "The Thomas Crown Affair" wasn't in 1999, it was in 1968.

  30. Soo basically there are more ways to play chess than atoms in the milky Way Galaxy

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