Top 10 forgotten pieces! Chess variants of history

Welcome to the top 10 forgotten chess pieces! We visit several historic chess variants.

Chess has had a long evolution, and the pieces that we are used to today did not just arrive fully formed as we know them.
Many varied and exotic pieces have battled it out on chess boards all across time and space.
This list is a list of my favourites, ordered from weakest to strongest.

10. Elephant / Al-fil
9. Ferz / Advisor / Minister
8. Jester / Wazir / Schleich
7. The Man
6. Lion
5. Centaur / Princess / Archbishop
4. Unicornio
3. Empress / Chancellor
2. Aanca
1. Amazon

Some chess variants featured in this video:
Grande Acedrex
Capablanca Chess

Here are two very old games of Shatranj, featuring the Elephant and the Ferz, that I have covered in the past:


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  1. So basically the unicorno is a queen in steroids

  2. Thanks mam found it really informative.. and had a good glimpse of history.. would seek to see more of your contents

  3. People say that Americans are bad at chess until they see them saccing 2 rooks to checkmate bin laden

  4. I've always wanted to play chess with new pieces, is there anywhere I can play something like what you played?

  5. I like how this game started from one leap moves and arrived to pieces able to cover half the board by themselves

  6. I don’t know what was more effed up that joke or me laughing

  7. The Amazon isn't the only piece that can mate the king with no help, The archbishop does aswell!

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