This is how Hikaru reacts to Gotham Chess 😂

IM Gotham Chess makes a lot of videos and here Hikaru Nakamura reacts to Gotham Chess explanation.


  1. Im just getting into chess and found out just recently what openers and such mean. Whats so funny? Heheh i dont understand

  2. Oh, is this why Levy says "I don't know how to play chess. Hikaru actually knows how to play chess."? 😂

  3. Obviously he was talking about queen's pawn setups

  4. If you're dropping a doodoo you can play the king's Indian 👍🏽

  5. No do not blame Levi blame only yourself you could’ve already prevent the queen’s murder if you moved it forward after you moved the rook to the right one move and then you could’ve forced you’re opponent to move the knight and then the knight would be killed or leave it since he has no other choice therefore it would’ve been useless for him for the next (depending on what pieces you move) 5-8 moves maybe even more which is a HUGE advantage over your opponent your human opponent also I learned this from Levi but ironically enough I understood from bots and bots so yeah you’re not a very good chess player to say the least and I certain that you are neither a GM nor a Master but I wouldn’t also be surprised if you were in gold or silver

  6. R.I.P who, those actually plays 💀💀💀

  7. I have never felt more like a nerd laughing at this. And. I. Love. It.

  8. I mean sure but justttt in case anyone is wonrdering. As a Kings indian player, when they set that attack up u just pin the knight with your light bishop and go on from there. 🙂 Felt an urge to put this out there…

  9. "If they checkmate you, you can still play the kings Indian"

  10. Levy is right, white has just wasted a couple of moves, if black just defends the pawn

  11. I mean GothamChess technically isn’t wrong, you can still play the King’s Indian but just with a tiny little small minor sacrifice

  12. Hikaru u are one of the best players in the world never forget Levy is teaching beginners. For BEGINNERS the Kings Indian does in fact work against everyone 😂becuz we all suck. He is a COACH not talking to GMs like yourself. It’s like when I listen to music on the radio. It’s trash. Becuz I know music as a major. But it sounds good to ELEMENTARY listeners. Make sense? Obviously when we reach a certain level we would realize we can’t just play Kings Indian against everything. I was a pro coach in other areas and ALSO A pro athlete. So it’s hilarious to me that I understand the disagreement between u two 😂 @gothamchess thank u for all your wonderful content. And Hikaru thank you for being AWESOME and an AWESOME PERSON! And your content is wonderful also!!—-I don’t want to see 2 of my fav Chess dudes beefing that shit is lame life is too short

  13. Didnt Levy see the white line become larger and larger?

  14. This may sound stupid but what’s the thing stopping the king from moving to the dark tile corner

  15. I want to see levy's reaction on this whole clip. It would be fun.

  16. He's not wrong.

    He said you can play with it, not win or draw with it. 🤦‍♂️

  17. Such a strong position for black, material doesn't even matter

  18. I mean you can still play the kings indian, this guy was just an idiot and went move by move rather than noticing and defending the obvious fork. Low elo man

  19. Classic Levy sacrificing THEEE

  20. I mean.. to be fair, he said you could play it.. Not that you would win..

  21. The Waffle House Has Found It’s New Host

  22. The waffle house has found it's new host.

  23. Hikaru doing the rock eyebrow I can't man 🤣

  24. King's Indian > Anything
    Fried Liver > King's Indian

  25. I’m a chess beginner but I thought the King doesn’t have any Indians to use now? They got independence…

  26. Why is he talking about King's Indian like it's the Bongcloud lol

  27. "You can still play the King's Indian", "against anything "

  28. "Even if u have no pieces left u can still play the king's indian"💀
    Gotham Chess

  29. Bruh you just can’t be brain dead when doing it

  30. This is just a very advanced Gambit. You loose some important pieces here and there, dont have mid-control and you havent developed any pieces… but you did castle first and with that you bring your king more away from the middle so it cant be attacked that easily. And just like that youre gonna win with this crazy advantage.

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