The Zugzwang


  1. im pretty sure black was losing because that pawn is much farther away from queening than the white one

  2. but if the black king would move E4 after the zugzwang it would be a draw right

  3. why am i thinking this is kinda racist

  4. dude is racist chooses white to win over black

  5. Situations like this make me think there should be an option to pass your turn

  6. Why do you have to shoulder the black king when you could just play kd7 and promote the pawn?

  7. As a German, i can confirm that his pronunciation of Zugzwang is way better than his pronunciation of Zwischenzug…

  8. Why not just going in a circle untill somebody looses patience or is a draw i mean black could've escaped the zucgwang by playing f6

  9. why are the kings on the wrong side of the boaed

  10. Move the pawn forward, he takes pawn, you take his pawn, stalemate
    It’s a draw loss situation

  11. bro u cannot put the king in the spot where the pawn is protecting

  12. Bruh white can't go d7 cause ur in check if u move like that

  13. Would've been way better if you placed the board in correlation to where the pieces are headed.

  14. We can't go in that square because of the pawn

  15. How do you move the king to d7😂😂 that’s a check

  16. The white moved into check with the first move

  17. King cant go to d7 cuz of pawn protection square tho..?

  18. I'm old • 80 years agoㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ says:

    Y cant he play e4


  20. My dumbass pawn can just use en-passant to oof the king

  21. when the king moved close to black pawn was check

  22. my dumbass brain in chess thought the black king could move upwards to protect the pawn once more..

  23. You should take queen after sacrifise the game

  24. The pawn is attacking the king in the first move

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