The Origins of CHESS in Mahabharatam || Project Shivoham FACTS 003

Chess originated in India as ‘Chaturanga’, travelled to Persia as ‘Shatranj’ & eventually to Europe as ‘Chess’. Earliest records of Chess are in Gupta Empire of 600 CE. But the written records of Chess are much deeper…

Mahabharata happened during ~3000 BCE elaborating the Ancient Indian warfare describes a classic military battalion as AKSHAUHINI – which is a group of नर (Foot Soldiers), अश्व (Horses), रथ (Chariots) & दन्त (Elephants), which are the 4 limbs of a military battalion during war, also known as Chaturanga and is the source of Chess today.


  1. 🤐 हे राम! और क्या क्या इन अंग्रेजो ने हमसे छिपाया है और क्या क्या देखना बाकी है यह मुंह समझ नही आ रहा है।

  2. Some say that chess is invented by "mandodhari", wife of ravanasura and the queen of Lanka to distract the asuras from fighting. They lived in "tretha Yuga", but Mahabharata happened in "dhvapara Yuga"….

  3. Khanda khanda veebeejina, sareve Jana sukibhava

  4. 18 or 9 has signficance in Indan Literature. There are Astaadasa Puranas (18) written by Sage Veda Vyasa. Most God's pujas are performed chanting Astottara Sata (108) naamaavali.

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  8. Thank-you this is so great! The most ancient living civilization is so incredible!

  9. Please put narrations, else plain slides are very much disconnected from the audience.

  10. mandodari, wife of ravana has created this game to play with Ravana. This is the first instance of chess.

  11. That swasti mantra in starting feels realy good❤️.

  12. How do I get the theme music the start of the video ?? Its awesome

  13. Can you elaborate more on this topic. I did not clearly understand how chess is related to Mahabharata.

  14. Sorry but thats not a proof. There is no mention of chess game. Its only real army.

  15. ತುಂಬಾ ಚೆನ್ನಾಗಿದೆ…👌👌👌🤝🤝🤝🙏🙏🙏👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️

  16. Clearly this shows how Akshauhini is the 4 divisions of Chess which is the game today.

  17. The background picture is awsm with the fonts and all.. don't change the theme of ur presented videos😉🙂

  18. Chariotry and elephantry symbols should be reversed..thats not accurate

  19. To correct you
    Bishop = elephant and Rook = Chariot

  20. But nobody from India has become a world champion!

  21. Nationalist Reload 🏳️‍🌈⃠ says:

    Mahabharat war stretgy best in the world

  22. In the medieval shatranj, the rook symbolized a chariot. The Persian word rukh means "chariot"(Davidson 1949:10), and the corresponding piece in the original Indian version, chaturanga, has the name ratha (meaning "chariot"). In modern times it is mostly known as हाथी (elephant) to Hindi-speaking players, while east-Asian chess games such as xiangqi and shogi have names also meaning chariot (車) for the same piece.[7]

  23. I thought chanakya was the one ,
    when it comes to chess…

  24. Why is the Game of Chess getting Christianised ? Why is there a Cross Over the King's Head ? This is a Game that originated in Bharat. Why are there attempts to Snatch it away from its Roots ?

  25. Kabaddi is also another ancient Indian game. God Krishna used to play it in his childhood.

  26. A request to project shivoham channel .pls share the background score on this channel….pls 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  27. I really like your other videos, but man, why are you trying desperately to bend everything so that it comes from India??? How do these numbers relate to ANYTHING that has to do with chess? Where are the king, queen and their movements? Yeah, if apples are pawns, pears are rooks and a fishing rod is the queen, then chess was already mentioned 60'000 BC! WOW!

  28. आप यदि भारतीय समाज को भारतीय वैदिक संस्कृति से अवगत करवाना चाहते हैं तो आपको हिंदी में इन वीडियो को बताना चाहिए न कि अंग्रेजी में। आपकी ये विडियोज अति महत्वपूर्ण है और हम आपको धन्यवाद करते है जो आप हम लोगो को अपनी संस्कृति से अवगत करा रहे हैं पंरतु हिंदी में करवाए क्योंकि सभी लोग अंग्रेजी में समर्थ नहीं है।इसलिए आपसे आग्रह करता हूं कि भविष्य में आने वाली विडियोज हिंदी में बनाए ।🙏 जय श्री राम जी 🙏

  29. Its known everywhere as chatranj or chaturanka etc. And oldest pieces r found in harappa. 🙏👍

  30. In same format make a video on battle of ten kings. 😘

  31. I have heard gf Padmaviewhas etc . To win the war you have to enter the viewhas and come out. There were many rules which arePadmaviewhas explained in Mahabharata. Mandodari used help Ravaneshwara during war between Rama. The four dala are padathi dala ( soldgers ) Ashwadala (cavelry) Gajadala (elephants) Rathadala (chariots)

  32. कौटिल्य षडयंत्र (Channel Shadyantra) says:

    Chess in Mahabharat was played in 10×10 board called Dashpaad. The name of the game was called Shadyantra in those days. Game can be played with dice (2 team game) and without dice for 2 players.

    Chakraview was also a similar game played in Mahabharat times.

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