The incredible fake Chess Grandmaster – The story of Alexandru Crisan

In 1998 out of nowhere, a Grandmaster emerged in Romania ranked number 33 in the world with a rating of 2635, a massive rating for that time period.

This was particularly puzzling given that no game could be found by that Grandmaster in the databases and he hadn’t played his countries national championship, never represented them in Olympiads etc.

As it turned out, Alexandru Crisan, the Romanian businessman had fabricated some tournament reports to bring his rating all the way up to number 33 in the world!

Eventually, Crisan was forced to prove his rating by playing in a real tournament. The Vidmar Memorial in 2001 was such a tournament, and well Crisan didn’t exactly prove his point, scoring 0.5 points in 9 games!

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  1. This bro achieved a rating of 2530 and a year later, peaked at 2638 without any games

  2. Ingvar, Nikita Petrov from Novorossyjsk too fake. His skill of chess about 3rd-employye chess level (1300 ELO Fide).

  3. Amazing play by Alexandru. It's not easy playing 9 games with an almost perfect score of……0.
    I'm sure he's kicking himself when that draw game didn't pan out.

  4. How bizarre ! Some bizarre goings on recently too 🤔🤪

  5. i think i have heard about him from some other polish chess channel already 🙂
    OFFTOPIC question – has anybody up to yesterday broke or removed the king's cross of his or oponents king? Can chessbase find these games hehe? I know that the "eastern" pieces (eg. russian) do not have crosses only some mosque peak beak.

  6. Thanks for the video. Do you plan to do new pattern recognition videos?

  7. Had never heard of this. Great video again Mr. Zibbit!

  8. Reminds me of the case of convicted murderer Claude Bloodgood who played USCF rated games in the prison system and achieved a rating of 2789 USCF (!!!), 2nd highest in the USA slightly behind FFL Gata Kamsky. In truth, Bloodgood was probably master strength, but he "farmed" the same closed pool of overrated prison inmates for points as he never, ever lost or drew against much weaker opposition. Kind of funny.

  9. Titles make people do stupid things. I was thinking perhaps for the GM title FIDE could hold quarterly tournaments for players with the required norms and to get the title you'd have to reach a certain place in the tournament. Like a small round robin and the top half gets the title. But that's probably impractical. So we're probably stuck with people buying titles.

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