One of the more crazy sub-battle games in the archives


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  1. After black played this game
    hOw tO wIn cHeSs gAmEs wItH sAcRiFiCiNg eVeRy pIeCe

  2. Funny how Anna wasn't shocked after Kf1, even if it was M1. Probably, after that crazy game, she didn't expect Black to actually see Rxd1#, or even just Rxd1. She was shocked because Black SAW the move 😂

  3. I just realised I am really bad at chess ; because I don’t even understand what’s funny in this video

  4. hikaru went from looking like he's being impaled to watching a comedy show

  5. Probably the worst game inthe history of chess

  6. Thank you YouTube for recommending this video. 😂😂😂

  7. Levy serious: Oh, my goodness… What a great move sarcastic
    Hikaru: LMFAO literally
    Anna: *She tries not to laugh but she can't fight with Hikaru's laugh*

  8. I don't how to play chess but I laughed a lot 🥸




  10. 📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📉📉📈

  11. I love how I'm laughing at this but when I'm really low on time, I do shit like that

  12. no matter how bad u are at chess remember these guys exist

  13. How can you join these sub battles? I do like to make scenes like this

  14. Cool Vid! Please check out some of the chess content I have, I would greatly appreciate it, thanks!!

  15. And there is someone be like : chess is so boring.

  16. After engine analysation, 77 mistakes, 109 blunders, 8000 missed wins

  17. 1:42 When Levi predicts the obvious blunder that's gonna happen after experiencing tons of his subs playing doing the same thing

  18. Well 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Black: I don't want ever to take your queen.
    Same black for last 3 moves of the game: As I told you, your queen is totally useless. All I want is your king. There I got you!

  19. Most entertaining match recorded of all time

  20. This is the moment Hikaru Nakamura became Heisenberg

  21. 0:35 My man literally stopped the queen from seeing the queen by placing a rook in the middle, but missed capturing the queen with the queen LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO.

  22. stockfish tak skakał że aż sie zmęczył XD

  23. Bro you know how bad this two players are when plebs in chat understand whats going on and they dont LOL

  24. Hikaru's laughter increases intensity at 1:07 because not only is there yet another queen blunder, but Hikaru knows black didn't recapture, instead moving out of the way with their king, despite not looking, because there's a different sound effect.

  25. Black had a plan to sacrifice all the pieces for the checkmate at the end! 😛

  26. Hikaru here basically shows us what the stockfish is thinking while two 500s are playing a match lmao

  27. I love how disgusted Hikaru is with the first move, like he drank vinegar

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