One of the more crazy sub-battle games in the archives


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  1. did the sub(black) just did that on purpose? or is he like, dumb at that time?

  2. 0:20 when Alex started handling the position from both side 😂😂

  3. Hikaru:*immensly laughing*
    Levi:*trying to exist*
    i mean levy sorry

  4. buncha chess masters having mental breakdowns

  5. ıt feels like one of my games against sf level 1 where you know ıt won't take any of your pieces back, so you just grab everything freely. Lmao

  6. If we play rook to e5. Can't they give chesck with bishop? Can't they?

  7. It must physically hurt to be this bad at chess. As a 1300, I forget the daily life of a 500. I can't even imagine how this feels to Hikaru.

  8. That guy blundered so much yet found the mate

  9. Did the players think queens can't be captured?

  10. When they say there’s more possible chess moves than atoms in the universe, this is what they mean.

  11. 1:02 I love how Hikaru is laughing his ass of and Levy is just in absolute disbelief

  12. Man the evaluation shifted between black and white every round

  13. μιχαλης χριστογιαννοπουλος says:

    That really was content. Not quality but still idiocity content

  14. 0:23 This was the last straw, pushing Hikaru to become the Joker!

  15. Love hikaru's laugh. Made this clip wholesome.

  16. "BOTEZ GAMBIT DECLINED VARIATION" Had me dead laughing

  17. “Botez gambit declined” in chat lol

  18. Memes that Hikaru understands????????
    Instead of takes takes takes takes it's hangs hangs hangs hangs mate in 1

  19. The title isn't hyperbolic, this is the greatest game I've ever seen! xD

  20. My brain is leaking out of my nose after watching this

  21. He could see king b8 coming before it happened 😂

  22. I hope the people who played this game don't play anymore

  23. imagine both of the players watching the reactions of hikaru, anna, and levy

  24. is it just me or does hikaru laugh sounds like that guy in that mr bean train episode who kept laughing with that book LOL

  25. this is the evidens never give up policy is right attitude.

  26. Maybe I'm bad but the first move isn't a blunder because after queen takes bishop for looks like free then queen check h4 and knight takes g3 if they block w pawn.

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