The Greatest Correspondence Chess Game Ever? – Best Of The 60s – Estrin vs. Berliner, 1965

Is this the greatest correspondence chess game ever played?! Many think so! Don’t miss this full-course meal, Estrin vs. Berliner, a true battle in the Two Knights Defense of the Italian Game.

0:00 The Greatest?
0:38 The Two Knights Defense
5:30 TN!?
9:27 Retreat
12:01 Endgame Magic

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  1. "The institute" brought me here…😉

  2. That’s a lovely quote by Yasser.

  3. Love how your lectures are always well prepared. Thank you for the good content Mr Copeland.

  4. You: Many fail to protect f7
    Me: I am not that guy
    Me went to lose by playong Nd5

  5. Any suggestions for learning
    Witch book should I learn from

  6. What is your personal favourite game of all time?

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