The Best Chess Variants, Tier List!

This video will answer the question as to which chess variants are worth playing!


  1. I would also love a comparative evaluation and rating of the following: Shogi, Xiangqi, Janggi, Khmer, Makruk, Sittuyin, and any other ancient relatives.

  2. I have 6 chess variants. I want to make them playable online. Is there a software to help me make this happen?

  3. I like Chaturaji better than its 'big brother' 4-player Chess, both are extremely funny, however the latter has the board too large, let's stay on a standard chessboard, I think it's better… Atomic is just 'atomic' in all sense, but I feel like I'm dis-learning Chess when I play it. Blindfold is pretty hard, but very very teaching in my opinion. Chaturanga is a beautiful game, likely even more strategic than modern Chess but a bit hard to understand in deep, not something you got the feeling at the first game… Yes, I agree on Petrified being the worst! 🙂

  4. What about Chess Evolved Online?

  5. Great idea for a video — tiered chess variant rankings! Thank you! I will check out your other videos, but a some other variants I've heard of and would like to hear your thoughts about: Metamachy, Bulldog, Bollwerk 178, Superchess, Grand, Musketeer, Janus, Antichess, Crazyhouse

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