Smashing the Sayyal, NM Jonathan Hilton v. NM Coolthing | Shatranj (Chaturanga)

I show a recent game from my October 23, 2021 match against NM Coolthing. I deploy my anti-Sayyal strategy with good effect and managed to win a nice positional game. Link to game:


  1. I rewatch this game trying to find a better line for Black in the opening. Maybe move 7 could be …g6 instead of …Ra2. A seven-pawn opening seems more flexible, …g5 can be played to avoid f4, or …f5 to transpose into a Mujannah system.

  2. Nice Shatranj Cup!☕😊

  3. What do you think is the critical approach for plack with the three pawns in the Sheikh-Sayyal?

  4. Nice great game! 24:45 I think after …Rd7, instead of go back maybe White can play Nxf5..Nxg5, Nxh6+ with fork taking the Rook back, or Nxf5..Fxf5?, Rxg8 winning Rook and pawn for a Horse. Not sure I am correct, that's a melee!

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