Shatranj (Chaturanga) NM Jonathan Hilton v. Changrong13 – Double Mujannah Opening

In this game, White plays a stronger idea against Black’s plan of simply leaving the tension between the pawns on c4/d5 – attempting to create a second front in the center or on the firzanside.


  1. Thank you M. Jonathan Hilton for the great job you are doing on teaching Shatranj strategies. The world has forgotten this amazing game for too many centuries now, and well, I hope it will come back to its glory. It's still Chess, but so different from "orthodox". I propose it to everybody, I think it is worth some tries. And to me… Well, I simply fell in love with Shatranj !!

  2. 7:32 — instead of 17.Ke2 the idea 17.Qf2;if 17…R:f3, 18.Ke2.I think, it is an interesting idea.

  3. 13:40 — instead of 20.Kt h4 the idea 20.Kt g5!? If 20…hg5. 21.Kf3.
    But 20…Kt g6 and white Knight must go back 21.Kt f3, I think.

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