In this video, I play my very first game of Setup Chess, a newly released variant on chesscom.
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  1. Have you ever played Really Bad Chess? I think Anna Rudolf is about the only pro with a video on it.

  2. Fun live game idea… both people Plat with the exact same chess set but they both play with white (or black) so that all the pieces are the same color. You would have to label the bottoms and if you move the other person's piece or take your own piece you lose. It's like more difficult blindfolded chess.

  3. keep doing the great work, this world needs more of it.

  4. Instead of the last knight and two pawns, I think putting a rook on a2 was simply devastating for black.

  5. Alternative title “Oh no, I have no queen!”

  6. Why not go full ancients mode ?

    3 pawn squares = 12
    2 rooks (catapults) on the open files = 10
    2 bishops (ballistas)= 6
    2+1 knights as cavalry = 9
    2 more pawns as skirmishers = 2

  7. 7:25 "i have 3 knights for the queen" not often you can say that

    except that black sacrificed a knight for a pawn earlier, so you also have two pawns extra.
    black is toast

    7:50 "oh no my pawn"
    8:20 "oh no your queen"

  8. So placing a unit takes a turn, so the player with fewer units gets to move first? This seems unfair. I think it'd be better if there were separate deployment and moving phases, and everything is deployed before White's first move.

  9. In the 'old' automate chess variant, I was the only 2000+ rated player ever. I am still proud of this achievement. I also created an account called Jensino_Automate. 😂

  10. Oh Eric, what have you done? Now I´m addicted to Setup Chess. It is way too much fun. So many extremely awesome setups. This is creative chess indeed!

  11. What was that other variant where you got to make a pawn cube?

  12. Fun fact: Even though you have 39 points of material (+ the king) which is the material count that you start with in a regular game, the arising positions aren’t always valid. I tried loading the position into the engine cause I was curious if it favors the many knights over a queen/rook combo but due to both players having more than 8 points it wouldn’t load. Once you remove the superfluous pawns it’ll load even if the position is completely ridiculous.

  13. wtf was 46. … Rxd2, then bd1? just throwing the game after losing his queen?

  14. Turns out the double pawn wall is also a double edged sword. Coziest king ever and also the most claustrophobic king ever xD

  15. Gotta say that when the opponent fills everything with only bishops or knights its boring. In that sense, Fog of War has the element of surprise and it is very special. Crazy House chess is savage, love it and hate it.

  16. I played a game where I went full caveman mode, built a shelter of 6 pawns for my king on the corner and went 11 knights on the other side, I smothered mate in 16 moves, lmao

  17. This variant actually make so much sense. After all we are going for a set up we enjoy just like we do in the opening!

  18. real OGs remember when this was called Automation chess

  19. Why would you not place your pieces in an already developed position? I feel like you first instinct with all variants is to keep it as close to regular chess as you can.

  20. i was really hoping you would use that last 5 points of material to place a second rook on the same file. It would have been such a strong battery

  21. Neil should have made his stream sniping less obvious. Anything that Eric even slightly alluded to he did instantly

  22. queens and rooks seem quite underpowered in setup chess

  23. I'd love to see more setup chess, this variant is by far my favorite so far.

  24. Why didn’t you set up your position already castled with piece development on the 2nd and 3rd ranks? Kinda of cringed due to your lack of thought process lol. Would definitely agree with the logic of minor pieces over a queen and also agreed with the amount of pawns you placed as they’re more powerful in the retrospect to their value. I feel I would of wiped you off the board in this variant

  25. This looks like a fun variant, would love to see more.

  26. 8:00 Funny Pawn structure… It's like Horde Chess gone wrong. :'D

  27. I wonder what stockfish would place like what kind of structure he would make

  28. Funny the double pawn layer initially seems to make the king safer, but it also makes the back rank so much weaker as you need two moves to create Luft.

  29. I must be terrible because I feel like he missed a queen and rook fork.

  30. i am actuly disinterested in these chess variants, but it makes very fun to watch you playing and enyoing these games

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