@SamayRainaOfficial invented a new type of chess

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In this video, I play against IM Levy Rozman (Gotham Chess) in Samay Raina’s fascinating new variant: Poison Pawn Chess. Here are the rules…
-Before the game we each secretly select a single non-center pawn to be our poisoned pawn.
-If a player’s poisoned pawn is captured at any point, that player wins — but with one exception: If a player uses their poisoned pawn to capture the opponent’s poisoned pawn, then it is considered a win.
– In our first game we played, poisoned pawns are not allowed to capture pieces. In the subsequent two games, poison pawns are allowed to make captures.

While the rules seemed a bit confusing at first, we quickly on the hang of it and had some epic battles…

2:56 Game 1 — SO MUCH TENSION
13:48 Game 2 — KINGSIDE ATTACK

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  1. The straight crown bilaterally slip because woman bioinformatically stare beyond a obnoxious girdle. historical, splendid index

  2. A desperate attempt to get famous by creating a new chess variant?

  3. 6:44 "I'm trying to think like me too" lol, Eric is sneakily the funniest chess personality

  4. 23:00 while its starting to get easy to guess which pawn is poisoned samay technically gives it a way by pointing out the poison pawn is allowed to capture

  5. Levi should have figured out at 7:28 that the f pawn is the poisoned one because you don't capture the unprotected g pawn which is for sure not poisoned

  6. how many times has he said "SOOO MUSH TENSHEON"

  7. Eric and Levy: thinking intensifies
    Chat: Rapping intensifies

  8. i skipped the poison pawn selection time for the third game and im now also scared
    edit : it was so intense

  9. Wasn't the rule in the 2nd game that the poisoned pawn can't capture anything besides the opponent's poison? So that number 17 move taking the bishop, shows it's not poisoned…

  10. i think you should be able to choose your central pawn to be poisoned

  11. I'm so excited for this. This is super exciting.

  12. As someone who knows that both C pawns were poisoned, I'm like: "He could go bishop takes d6"
    Eric: plays bishop takes d6

  13. I thought poisoned pawns are like when captured, the piece that captured it dies so if the king captures it THEN lose. This is more like a kidnapped princess disguised as the enemy pawn, obviously they wont attack but if you attack it you lose.

  14. samay at which place i can play and beat you ?

  15. What if – one guy has mate in 1 by taking a pawn and that pawn happens to be the poisonous one, who would win ?

  16. That little “ahaha” that Eric makes sometimes can be so terrifying

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  18. This is acutually not that bad of a idea the king sends a poisend pawn for the enemy to slaghuter but then they all get infected and die and the enemy wins cool idea

  19. It's funny to listen Levy talking in russian lol

  20. This guy just changed chess from a strategic game to a luck-based game lol

  21. At 22:40 he is just revealing Eric took a piece with his poisoned pawn

  22. I just realized Eric has never being in contact with nature or discovery channel….LMAO

  23. Why didnt you guys go hammm on the pawns, if you capture the pawn you win? Capture all pawns first its a guaranteed win

  24. Does someone have the link to the video Levy had to make of Eric’s best game?

  25. If you take a poison pawn with mate it should be a draw

  26. What happens if we promote a poisoned pawn…a poisoned queen …?

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