Salty opponent rage quits

Masterclass in dealing with salty opponents.

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This video was edited by @Jonathan Schrantz

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  1. i usually wait an extra minute assuming connection problems but they are just rage quits most of the times

  2. Omg I can't believe Eric was in the dead sea and I missed a chance to meet him! That's only a half hour drive from where I live 🙁

  3. I m big fan U
    I m from PAKISTAN 🇵🇰

  4. what's interesting is there was this one time i called a draw because my opponent was a rook up. i have dignity, ok?

  5. What was that sound at 1:00? I thought it was in my headphones haha

  6. Wish I could’ve seen you when you were in Israel

  7. My favorite is when they offer a draw when you're up a queen and have 3 seconds on the clock.

  8. Lichess should time out accounts what rage quit excessively. Especially in tournaments!

  9. I want to see Eric play the brass knuckle gambit. It begins with a screwy f4, proceeds with black planting a pawn on c6 and ends with a whiff.

  10. My left ear was very… surprised, at 1:00 to hear a slide whistle in the background?

  11. I have give them extra time when they’re running the clock down. It can be funny when after 10 minutes goes by and they give in and resign lol

  12. Eric slowly but surely becoming Ben Finegold…

    One one-liner at a time…

  13. I get so fucking salty playing chess. I always wanna curse the shit out of my opponents… holding back tho

  14. This is so distasteful.
    Me knowing full well I've done this multiple times

  15. never ceases to amaze me when this happens. I just don't understand why people who are intelligent enough to play decent chess act like complete morons…

  16. lichess is obviously missing the "knock the board over" button

  17. It's very disrespectful to offer your opponent a draw in a clearly lost position. I just accept my failure and resign and scream into my pillow like a grandmaster

  18. I see Eric also bought Ben Finegold's book Cry Like a Grandmaster. He'll be GM in no time.

  19. 0:591:03 scared the hell outta me thinking my ear about to pop or some shit (turn up volume and focus on left ear)

  20. I’m actually suprised such a high rated player would be so insulting to offer a draw when he is in a loosing position.

    Like it happens occasionally with very low raged players understandable but then I like to just annihilate all their pieces as a lesson

  21. I fuckin lost it when he started talking about the dead sea. lololololol

  22. Loses 2 rooks and offered a fucking draw to Eric Rosen? The Audacity.

  23. One time in bullet I was salty so I let my clock run down to like 10 seconds from almost a minute, then played a move and the dude didn’t notice and I won. I felt kinda bad but also kinda pog

  24. I love Eric. He's always been such a great guy.

  25. 1:00 What the hell was that sound lol I wasn't sure if it was from my headphones or my dog making weird noises 😂😂

  26. "I'm ok taking a break, letting the adrenaline die down."
    Yeah you could tell Eric was too rev'ed up there.

  27. 1:50 isnt that a dangerous premove in case he pushes b3 and opens up your queen?

  28. 1:00 … can anyone tell me what that sound (left speaker only … use headphones) is supposed to be, lol?

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