I’m so sad…

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Song: Losing Interest by Shiloh Dynasty & CuBox

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This video was edited by @Jonathan Schrantz

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  1. Eric: “I guess we’ll just be sad”
    Also Eric: 🙂😃

  2. Everyone's asking Alexa to play something.
    But no one's asking Alexa how's she !!

  3. My Alexa kept going off while watching this video lol

  4. I was waiting for Alexa starting to play BMTH – Happy Song

  5. I was happy. Then Eric and I were sad. Then Eric and I were happy. Then Alexa went rogue.

  6. "I blundered my queen"
    Eric: "I'll do it too then"
    His opponent: "Me too"

  7. Alexa is an underrated co-star of this channel.

  8. Btw what's the song? Can't find it on the internet

  9. Other guy saw a queen blunder and immediately got scared and started calculating

  10. Eric : Guess we will just be sad
    Proceeds to smile and be happy

  11. I thought he was joking because the knight was pinned, I didn't see the rook until the moment the move happened wow

  12. the editing has gotten 100x better since like middle of covid 👍

  13. The problem with this video is that Eric is messing with my Alexa.

  14. Seriously… his oh no my queen os pretty much the same.. wether he is blundering it intentionally or unintentionally….

  15. WHAT. Eric is a fan of xxxtentacion and Shiloh Dynasty. Did this man become my all time favorite.


  17. Shiloh Dynasty & CuBox – Losing Interest

  18. Whats the song playing over the copyrighted music? The loFi song.

  19. the knight is pin , it can't capture the queen

  20. Eric: sad
    Flownology: sad
    Alexa: sad
    RoscoeFilburn: sad
    Chat: sad
    Everyone is sad

  21. Watching Eric is always a gamble because he always triggers my Alexa and she never hears him right

  22. Eric playing Shiloh Dynasty to avoid copyright…. Forever the GOAT

  23. It's crazy how he can just see that many moves ahead…

  24. ur the only streamer that no one wants to bully with that chill attitude

  25. The opponent, who knew who Eric Rosen was, saw the queen blunder and immediately started wondering where the checkmate was.

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