Rosen & Levy CHECKMATE Agadmator & Hikaru in 2 Moves

Eric Rosen and GothamChess deliver a brutal checkmate to Agadmator while Hikaru helplessly watches. Plus a bonus game of 4 Player Anti-Chess.



Eric Rosen:

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#gmhikaru #gothamchess #agadmator #4playerchess


  1. Agadmator opening with passed pawns must be pushed. Nicely developing just grabbing more space in the center..

  2. I dont know the rules, this was hard to watch

  3. I think Hikaru will love to meets Eminem, bcz you know, god to god

  4. My brain has just busted out, by watching and decoding these chess (es)😒😒😒

  5. Perhaps the increment should be a bit longer for this madness

  6. I have the same headphone hikaru was wearing…that level of headband expending metal strip shows how big his head compared to mine

  7. When top chess player in world got fool's checkmate

  8. That final game was a very interesting alternation on 4 player chess that seems very fun.

  9. Altoght you are good in normal chess you are noob in team 4player chess , all of you 👎

  10. Agadmator got mated with more time than he started with

  11. No entiendo lo que juegan. … que la pasen bien


    the real question is, did Levy get the rating point back?

  13. I completely understand that this video is supppeeerrr old, but did I miss why at 11:50 Hikaru has no King!?!?

  14. I have no idea what's going on in this game bro really promoted to a king

  15. I never thought I'd see a 2 move checkmate, it's not the fool's mate that I would have expected, but still cool

  16. And levy sacrifices… THE QUEEN 4 TIMES

  17. 4 player, 5 Dimensional, Fairy Chess

  18. Kind of feel that levy doesn't like Agadmator from this video. Probably envy that at the time he was chess YouTube channel number 1.

  19. This video is basically the chess version of Mark, Wade, Tyler, and Ethan

  20. How is that mate? The king isn’t even in check… what am I missing?

  21. wait…why didn't Levy promote his last piece to queen and then put it in line of the Hikarus rook for it to be taken?
    He would have placed 3rd, right?

  22. "when you make a mistake amongst correct things people only comment on the mistake" Albert Einstein

  23. plottwist: moving ur kings pawn is a bad move since it takes 1 bishop opening to check mate on this 4 player mode

    edit: just realized it only makes stale mate, not checkmate

  24. Hikaru is so good that he can’t lose all of his pieces even in giveaway! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  25. Me that wants to do this with my family
    How can you do this? Can you help
    V V V

  26. The fact, that i m playing better then tham 4’s)

  27. Dude we all did not see checkmate in two moves right to start the game lol


  29. Tbh i think ppl can get better at the game if they played more than 4 games with different people with different openings with a blindfold at the same time. If Hikaru decides to step it up and do something like 10 games at once against people with 1.5k+ elo then I think his chances to beat Magnus would improve significantly.

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