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The origin of chess can be traced back to the 6th century in India. During that time, the game was known as ‘Chaturanga’ and consisted of two essential features,
which was later found in all chess variations – different pieces having different powers (not found in Checkers and Go) and victory in the game depended on the fate of one piece – the king of modern chess.

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  1. कौटिल्य षडयंत्र (Channel Shadyantra) says: Shadyantra was invented in India and Shri Lanka because Shri Lanka was part of india 8800 yrs back. Initially it was named as Dhyut. Shadyantra is system and played as per Shadgunya. It is based on 10×10 board called Dashpaad or Dashpada. Chaturanga was evolved from Shadyantra in 200 BC after it was latter was banned. And Chaturanga was played on 8×8 board called Ashtpada or Ashtpaad

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