Ranking The 6 Chess Pieces #shorts #chess


  1. 1st is pawn because if it reaches the end of da board it can become any piece except for the king

  2. He said at number 4 is 4 night it's just like he said fortnight

  3. That one legendary pawn and legendary king:

  4. I would do 6 king 5 knight 4 bishop 3 rook 2 pawn 1 queen done

  5. Actually the pawn is very good because you can promote it to a queen when you get to the other side of the board so that is why the pawn is great because you can promote it to the best piece

  6. technically, all of the pieces wouldnt be able to move unless theres a king, a queen wouldnt able to order them too cuz she aint a monarch, her "queen" title is just a title

    but i really dont care, chess is chess 😂

  7. Actually there are 11 cuz there are 5 missing chess pieces

  8. Him saying 4. Knight
    Me hearing Fortnite

  9. Tbh i would put knight in 3# because its good for forks sneaky check mates and defense for pieces

  10. The pawn IT's the best piece

  11. King is actually better than minor pieces. Even though King is not usually used for attack, it is better at defending pieces. King has no point because it cannot be captured, but if it can be captured, it would worth 4 points, which is better than minor piece, therefore I would rank the King in 4th place

  12. 1 rook
    2 Queen
    3. Knight
    4. Bishop
    5. Pawn
    6. Bishop

  13. People: The pawn is the weakest
    Pawn promotion joined the chat

  14. Pawn should go in 6 and 0 since it turns into any piece at the end of the board

  15. But you forgot one thingOpening- knight is more important than bishopMiddle game- knight is more important than bishopEndgame- bishop is more important than knightKnight(2)-Bishop (1)Hence knight on no. 3 and bishop on no. 4

  16. Honestly the king is the most useless pieces for combat situation

  17. My:6. King5. Knight4. Bishop3. Rook2. Queen1. Pawn (cuz pawn can turn into other piece except King)

  18. Depends whether it is an endgame or not cuz pawn will come 3rd

  19. Ithink he want to go to poop and also wanna make short that's why his in hurry😂😂😂

  20. 4knight likke if you understand

  21. According to internet (and me)
    1.) THE PAWNSY
    2.) yes, you guessed it right , THE ROOOOK
    5.) The bishop

  22. Pawn : becomes queen every time
    Rook : better than the queen
    King : if I die we lose
    Bishop : I protect the king from specific checks
    Horse : I am the op fork

  23. Four night

    Fortnight hahahaah what a joke i am😂😂😂

  24. Updated
    1. Rook
    2. Queen
    3. King

  25. We’ll if he’s talking about 1 pawn that’s correct

  26. 𝚖𝚒𝚗𝚊_𝚔𝚒𝚝 says:

    bro was that kinger👑👑👑

  27. Knight is the strongest became it can royal fork

  28. Bro train is leaving 💀💀💀💀💀

  29. 4Knight Most likely fortnite 😂😂😂

  30. Pawn should be in 5th position 😅 it can be a queen and king is useless😂

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