Playing the World’s BEST Kung Fu Chess Player (Chess Without Turns)

0:00 Professional Kung Fu Opening
2:16 This is gonna be tough
3:48 Now there’s money on the line
5:38 Learning how en passant works
6:50 Blundering all my pieces
7:43 Copycat opening
9:43 He wants to adopt me
11:58 “It’s all falling apart… or is it?”
13:27 Oh no, my Queen
14:56 Adoption?
16:12 No mercy

Try it for yourself!


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  1. Imagine telling your friends that you have beaten Eric Rosen in chess.

  2. "I thought I was winning… and then all my pieces vanished."
    Doesn't sound that uncommon for me, even in normal chess. 😁

  3. i am not gay but i somehow just find erics face attractive and makes me want to watch him play

  4. What would this guy's elo be in normal chess?

  5. Maybe Misha Osipov decided to abandon traditional chess to master Kung Fu Chess?

  6. I really like the "game tips" in the chatbox. They are so useful 😀

  7. These super long bishop or rook moves Eric kept on making just don't work in kung fu chess, becuase the pieces move so slowly. The opponent has time to move out of the way to a nearby square and then move back to capture the piece because the cooldown starts after the piece lands not after it begins moving.

  8. Wow I grew up playing kfc on shizmoo back in the 2000s. Looks like this version has some changes mechanics. The premoves are a nice addition

  9. 3:32 Hearing Eric say "oh no my queen" while actually being serious is wild XD

  10. Game Tip: If you are struggling with standard mode, try lightning mode. You will be able to lose five times faster, saving valuable time.

  11. So this is what misha osipov plays after getting destroyed by karpov 😆

  12. I've played this over the board before…Even harder!

  13. Eric resigned in this match more than his whole chess career

  14. it took me 7 games to realize why it doesnt matter which color you choose – everybody moves first but still its meaningfull to choose DE or ED lineup 🙂

  15. At 13:21 because Black's bishop moved before White's queen, when they crossed paths, the bishop wins over the queen, which is why White's queen just vanished. Hope this helps!

  16. "Doooh! Opponent did something"
    "Doooh! My hopes and dreams"
    "I was winning.. and then all my pieces vanished."
    Story of my life

  17. What the Sam Hill? Standard chess is certainly not difficult enough for the superior brain.

  18. Hikaru can't and never will, reach triple blackbelt in KFC.

  19. You can program a autohotkey to quickly move your initial setup in less than 1 second.

  20. I guess one should avoid making long-ranged moves because the opponent can avoid them easily

  21. Man that third game, look at his pawns march forward as one. I feel like just playing more moves is a good strategy, since you're kind of wasting the value of an unmoved piece… but it's probably more complicated than that.

  22. Hey eric, are u gonna upload to youtube the summer marathon ?.?

  23. Eric doesn't seem to realize the strategy is timing and it's about anticipating, and intercepting your opponents moves.

  24. Wow, I love how he advances the pieces together in a wave. He finds a target that is on cooldown, he first brings support in and before the cooldown goes away he captures. When you recapture the support piece will be able to instantly recapture you.
    This game has very little in common with standard chess, I love it.

  25. When do we get to see the engine analysis of the games?

  26. lmao it hurted so bad everytime Eric tried to take a piece that didn't have a cool down.

  27. I feel like he’s trying to play it like regular chess and it’s just a totally different strategy. It’s all about timing and being tricky with the recharge periods. You can’t move pieces willy nilly because they’ll be vulnerable.

  28. Dude, like…your playing chess…sort of.

  29. Oh, man, tried a simple tactic and it worked in easy mode. Had to think and time things better to better the intermediate AI. But, for one time practicing just a few games, I think that's good. Once I can beat the advanced AI, then I might try versus people, but I'll never dare face Ultra Grand Master of Doom Misha *shivers in fear*.

  30. when the natives start mating it's time to make a move

  31. How about another gambit opening only tournament?

  32. Love it. Now chess looks like an actual battle on the battlefield.

  33. Lets see how Eric does against muggles420(he gets dropped)

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