Playing Online CHESS for the First Time

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Equipment I Use When Not Mandated By Competition:
WheelBase: Simucube Ultimate
Pedals: Heusinkveld Ultimate
WheelRim: Precision Sim Engineering GPX
Rig: Simlab
PC: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X, AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT and put together by Overclockers UK
Headset: SteelSeries Arctis Pro
Mouse: Steelseries Rival 650 Wireless
Keyboard: steelseries apex 7 tkl


  1. Me playing chess for the first time: "RANDOM BULLSHIT GO!!!"

  2. grandmaster jarno carlsen nakamura nepomniachtchi

  3. 4:08 he wants you to train on F1 22 with the Alfa Romeo C43 bruv. 🏎️💨😂

  4. How tf did he even win that second one 😂

  5. Not too shabby Jarno, you're doing not too bad with it. You'll improve over time with chess. For end games you need to prevent the pawn from promoting.

    The reason you drew (6:58) is due to Stalemate, as you couldn't move the King anymore.

    Some easy openings is queen's pawn opening which is E4, opponent plays E5. You play your knight to C3 and then your other knight to F3 (this is White playing it), this is the four knights variation if your opponent also activates his knights.

  6. Things you didn't though you need but actually needed

  7. This is funny to watch! next time learn a opening and stuff😂

  8. Love sim racing and chess, amazing video!

  9. Finally something I’m better than Jarno at.

  10. Jarno: I'm cooking
    Ferrari strategist: we are checking…

  11. I need to bleach my eyes after what I have just seen🤣

  12. 7:13 bro broke every rule of chess opening in this game and still won. the GOAT

  13. This was painful to watch, not used to seeing the pogmeer academy blunder

  14. Never thought I'd be watching a Jarno video and be able to add anything constructive to his gameplay. Was yelling moves at the screen the entire game.

  15. Let’s gooo!! I love chess!! I did not expect Jarno to play it haha

  16. BRO I literally cried at the first game

  17. Jarno bro watch some video of levy hell help you

  18. Jarno is getting in my head, everything that i start doing hes streaming 🤯🤯🤯

  19. My man is going to adopt Magnus and have 3k FIDE rating

  20. 4:19 Jarno while arguing with his chat and realising he just binned it 😅

  21. My bruda will take part in Chess and COC Esports soon
    Let him cook

  22. -blunders his rook 4 times
    -uses it to deliver checkmate

    Jarno is the chess GOAT

  23. Why am i watching jarno opmeer play chess at 4am on a friday morning when i have to be at school in 4 hours?

  24. Jesus, I can't watch this without wanting to pull my eyes out

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