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Cool video about Bosnia and Herzegovina
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  1. Whole video be like:
    Bazinia bazzbazzniiyaa

  2. its bos nia and her with the e not u
    ce go vi na

  3. Im already in the discord server. Congrats on quick checkmate Bobby 😀

  4. bro focused more on the pronunciation of the country than the game itself but still won

  5. ides u kurac love from serbia man keep up the good work <3

  6. Wow, I don't think I've ever seen someone play as bad as black. Was that 500 elo AI?

  7. I remember that part of the stream when all game we were just trying to pronounce the country correctly.

  8. meh, i knew that wasting 6 month of my life studying geography will be handy in making fun of people struggling to say "Bosnia and Herzegovina"

  9. This man is so good he focused more on the chat and still won.

  10. That may be the most egregious pronunciation of Herzegovina I've ever heard

  11. Why would he move the knight at the end lol

  12. No this isn't a Bosnian truck, but it might me a Bosnian tree

  13. Things you don't do in the King's Indian as black:
    * Offer your h pawn.
    * Trade your most powerful bishop and let the queen in.
    * Offer your only defender of checkmate (the knight).

  14. bobby linking to that bosnia geography video was PRIMO! loved it.

  15. “Someone tell me about [Balkan country]”
    You really don’t want to know.

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