Overqualified People Play Chess For Ants | Hikaru, Giri, Rozman & Radjabov w/ Chaturaji variant

During the 4 Player stream, GM Hikaru Nakamura, GM Anish Giri, GM Teimour Radjabov and IM Levy Rozman aka Gothamchess play the Chaturaji variant of 4p chess

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  1. An Azerbaijani, an indian, a japanese and an american walk into a bar…

  2. Anish is such a cool person. He’s so extroverted. Must be awesome to have him a colleague and adversary

  3. Why is Anish questioning Levi like an Indian uncle? 😂

  4. Never seen this before. Like a hidden gem absolute gold

  5. This feels like a casual discord call and I love it

  6. Anish: Dresses super professionally.
    Radjabov: Dresses professionally.
    Hikaru: Dresses kinda professionally.
    In the meanwhile, there is Levy: ITS BEACH TIME BABY!

  7. Anish……. SACRIFICED THE KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Everyone speaks Russian, except for the red shirt wearing guy

  9. RADJABOV was an amazing attacking chess player in his youth, i remember, he was just brutal in opposing castles games


  11. I feel bad for levy, the only one on this video who isnt a gm

  12. "Do you not understand where the pawns are going?" LOL

  13. How is this chess for ants if there is no Queen?

  14. 4 overly qualified people my ass
    2 blundert their kings and 1 almost lost his queen

  15. Fun fact about the original form of this chess variant, called “Enochian Chess”, it was supposedly used by 19th century occultists to divine the future, and the rules of the original game are incredibly complex because you must move in a way similar to your side, associated with the four elements and alchemical processes.

  16. It's so interesting I think that their mind is just so hardwired in normal chess, and that's the commitment it takes to be that good, that playing a variation of the rules really messes with them lol

  17. And he sacrifices… THE KIIIIIIIING!

  18. And he sacrifices… THE KIIIIIIIING!

  19. How do grandmasters become 200 elo right at the moment the rules are changed slightly?

  20. Two of the four chess masters lost by accidentally placing/leaving their king in a threatened square.

  21. Anish just casually trapping himself with his IRL queen xD xD

  22. It's all my GM friends… AND STEVE

  23. man on the bottom right looks like asian magnus

  24. 3 overqualified people and levy play chess for ants

  25. The pawns should face the direction they are moving. I was confused too but it’s not easy to tell if you forget which direction the pawns came from.

  26. 4 ppl with 1 minute on the clock and they just talking like hanging out in bar 😀

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