New World, A King’s Defense, Chaturanga Opening.

I was starting to wonder if I was doing something wrong while I was on this quest, but as it turns out the item just has a low drop rate.

Here are the quests you need to complete A King’s Defense (provided by user MBR08):

1. Complete Quest: Chaturanga Opening in Malevolence, Edengrove.
2. Complete Quest: White’s First Move in Scorpius, Mourningdale.
3. Complete Quest: En Passant in Eridanus, Restless Shore.
4. Complete Quest: Shahnameh’s Story in Periville, Weaver’s Fen.
5. Complete Quest: The Touch-Move Rule in Stone Skull Fort.
6. Complete Quest: The Pawn’s Promotion in Caminus, Shattered Mountain.
7. Complete Quest: Castling The King in Mangled Pox Gate and Nihili Visage, Great Cleave.
8. Complete Quest: Rook’s Checkmate in Myrkgard, Shattered Mountain.

Prerequisite to A king’s Defense (and the other legendary items questlines):

Also, you must have 20 weapon skill in your weapon of choice to be able to start the weapon’s related questline.


  1. Thanks man, I was going nuts in the damn tower.

  2. where do u start it at? im 60 and idk where the quest is

  3. kill more than 50 dryads and it doesn't give me anything

  4. Just wanted to add a thank you, I was about to give up on this step… and found your video. After your assurance to let us know it wasn't about doing something wrong/right, it finally dropped 2 kills later. (Jan-8-2023). There's not a lot of reason to do these armor/weapons quests right now, but the completionist is me appreciated moving forward!

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