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  1. Duck and hipo is the very meta indeed. I'm 120 Elo so i know what im talking about guys

  2. why does he bait me w superauto pets ….

  3. Here…Even if you still have the duck!!

  4. Duck chess is slowly but surely taking over youtube.😅

  5. Bro you're great at this but you gotta speedrun some practice, Eric Rosen is already god-tier

  6. when do we get to see full duck games on the main channel?

  7. For a moment I thought Levy started playing Super Auto Pets

    So… when's the Super Auto Pets stream?

  8. I was hoping for a new game with the duck…. A hippo randomly moves to any square to block.

  9. Hey levy have you considered playing oats Jenkins chess 2?

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  11. I play hippo as white and black and i'm loving duck chess but I would've never thought of this strat. Brilliant

  12. Bro thinks he invented this strategy

  13. that hippo is from Super Auto Pets. a theory: Levy will begin uploading SAP content and apply chess Meta to SAP

  14. duckin hippo seems like something your phone would type against your will as an auto correct

  15. He used the hippo from sap for thumbnail, lol

  16. It's great that you've learnt the tactic of placing the duck where you want to move next (rather than somewhere to block where you don't want your opponent to move), but don't flatter yourself with the idea that you pioneered it.

  17. HA HA HA skid row is sooooo funny Levy!! People dying of poverty literally lining the streets how hilarious!!! Someone couldn’t live in skid row it’s literally almost all homeless people. And poor people don’t play chess dumbasss they can’t afford the resources because of you know, poverty ? Poverty destroys your brain

    Please stop doing an urban black guy voice it’s cringe af stfu

  18. The Duck and Hippo is also a great defensive boxing move.

  19. Can somebody explain how duck chess works?

  20. Thanks, gonna try this, looks fun. Gotta get them duck chess elo points up 😂

  21. now I kind of want to see a checkmate by a duck

  22. Levy used the hippo from super auto pets in the thumbnail. What a crossover!

  23. I have no idea wtf is going on here, but it's content, so I watched. 🤷‍♂️

  24. Everyone, start submitting duck chess to GTE

  25. bishops are lowkey kinda trash in duck chess

  26. Gotham Chess: I place the duck on g7 so they can't block me from the fianchetto.

    Me: That doesn't stop the duck from blocking the long diagonal later on.

  27. him not taking the knight for 10 moves in a row gives me anxiety

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