My first Jalalabad Opening leads to CENTRAL PAWN CUBE

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In this video, I play my first ever Jalalabad Opening (inspired by Gotham Chess). While the opening is quite dubious, it led to a memorable story to share with my future grand children.
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  1. I’ve been playing jalalabad unknowingly for weeks in my bullet games. Glad to know it’s a terrrible opening haha

  2. I always play this opening hahahaha i didn’t know it was considered bad


    Sup, hi twitch chat, cya

  4. Eric is based and democratic socialism pilled, down with bezos 🤟

  5. Let's hope that someone invents chess with at least 9 pawns and odd-sized board, so that Eric could strive to achieve central 3×3 pawn cube.

  6. Sacrificing a pawn…

    But then I become a butterfly

  7. I have never seen a more clickbaity clickbait

  8. Jalalabad opening deserves more recognition.

  9. So this is what ww1 germans saw when british bringed their motorized shit

  10. Technically speaking this is not a cube, it’s a square

  11. That was a fun video! Eric's love and enjoyment of the game, is encouraging to so many.

  12. Is it me or is @EricRosen forget rook can go g7 check, then rook g8

  13. Pretty sure a caterpillar “inches” when moving.

  14. I've been fucking using this opening for a long time now without even knowing what it is.

  15. Jalalabad is a Indian word, and its pronounced Jalalabaadh not JALALA- BAD 🙁

  16. Can’t tell you how happy the pawn caterpillar to butterfly analogy made me lol very satisfying

  17. Opponent: I'm going to beat Eric Rosen!
    Eric Rosen: I'm going to beat geometry!

  18. I heard "Making the pawns smile" and I suddenly started to laugh my ass off… this guy is so calmly funny

  19. Hey twitch chat! Dropping a like and just wanted to let you know I’m learning a ton and enjoying every bit. Hopefully I’ll learn more soon. Enjoy your games

  20. Eric's calm wholesome and hilarious commentary is what the internet needs. Can't stop watching.

  21. Give a man his pawn cube or give him death!!!!!

  22. Not to be "that guy", but in this case it's not 'wiggle', it's 'wriggle'. Wiggling doesn't cause any full-body motion (wiggling your fingers won't move you around).

  23. "The queen defends the pawn with some kind of x-ray vision" yo chess is getting way too complicated

  24. Eric, Want to see more of the Jalalabadd Please, Thanks, .. Mike.

  25. Gotham was like
    What would Eric Rosen do
    This is what he does

  26. Your voice is very soothing. I'd listen only if I was a level that allowed me to follow the moves, so maybe later 😉

  27. The a is not pronounced like a in bAd but like a in After or a in crAft. Not ae but aa.

  28. Jalalabad is the best city in the world. Glad we got an opening named after us….the Taliban will be pissed off big time….:-)

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  30. When bishop and night are attacking f7 pawn which is best to take with bishop check or knight forking queen and rook ? Thanks for your content love it.

  31. the jalalabad (the jalalabad)
    it wont fit like that

  32. Eric Rosen was once a caterpillar which at some point in his life promoted to a butterfly

  33. I’m confused by what white was trying to do in the end game

  34. The mighty butane cytochemically coach because index ordinarily launch by a defeated blouse. flagrant, animated ox

  35. At 7min 20 sec what a blunder you had a fork !

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