My first Jalalabad Opening leads to CENTRAL PAWN CUBE

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In this video, I play my first ever Jalalabad Opening (inspired by Gotham Chess). While the opening is quite dubious, it led to a memorable story to share with my future grand children.
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  1. I tried it today. Certainly one of my most chaotic wins.

  2. When did Eric Rosen’s channel turn ASMR?

  3. Through the Jalalagood we have reached a Rook and Pawn Cube Endgame

  4. I believe that the verb you were looking for was “inching.”

  5. Started playing this opening . Great video!

  6. 15:45 "But then I become a butterfly" sounds like seomething you say when you're completely stone lol

  7. Fun Fact: Jalalabad is a city in Afghanistan, this video made me proud as an Afghan haha…

  8. Clickbait :/ After 4:Nc6 this "Jalalabad" just transposed to one of the the lines of Old Sicilian which is rock solid, ubiquitous and boring. Nothing to see here.

  9. Went from Jalalabad to Jala good and ended being Jala great

  10. The opponent: haha I’m making an im lose time! In reality: what’s it called when caterpillars compress and decompress?

  11. “Also has a knife, no, knight…”

  12. He actually got a bit lucky there. When white pawn is on A7 he could’ve moved his white rook to B7 then B8. If black rook takes then pawn takes rook and queen or rook takes rook. Probably still couldn’t beat that pawn cube anyways though🤣

  13. You've created the revered pawn cube. Now it's time for the legendary pawn tesseract, with the other 4 pawns at the corners of your cube.

  14. Eric Rosen's calmness is what the world requires right now.

  15. Жалал-Абадтыктар барсынарбы?!

  16. Pawn smiling is an image I just can't unsee now

  17. Yeah, i was listening to the video while playing chess

  18. This is the most hilarious gambit name ever lmao. Makes me think of a family guy suicide bomber scene

  19. "Pawns are the soul of chess" -Eric, probably

  20. wow, there is such an opening? it is a city in Eastern Afghanistan!

  21. F in the comments for the city of Jalalabad which was taken over by the Taliban earlier.

  22. อริย์ธัช อริยานุชิตกุล says:

    Chess opening principle: The center of the board is the most important area!
    Eric: 10:23

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