My First Ever Game of Chaturanga | How Chess was Played 1000 Years Ago

In this video, I play my first ever game of Chaturanga against IM Levy Rozman (@GothamChess).
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Chaturanga is an older form of chess with different rules that was played 1,000 years ago. Learn more about Chaturanga here:
Play Chaturanga (along with other variants) here:

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  1. Mom i want a queen
    we already have a queen at home
    queen at home:

  2. idk how no one said that when they traded rooks he could have taken with the bishop winning a rook…

  3. Watching this in April 2021, both of you made some huge jumps in production. This is a great flashback and now I want to see you do a rematch.

  4. that endgame was closer to checkers than to chess

  5. It'd be cool to go back 1000 years and teach locals modern chess

  6. Try playing shogi on lishogi. It is fun 🙂

  7. Even though this variant feels weird, I kind of get why it is like that. As it's like one of the original variants of chess, you can just see what the rules are intended like.. they tried to make the knight and bishop similar, that's why they hop over other pieces and can move only 2 suqres diagonally… And a queen irl in the monarchy age would never go into the battle field, that's why the queen is powerless here

  8. I was always surprised the Queen was the more powerful piece then the king in such an old game.

    My dissapointment is Immersurable, and my day is ruined

  9. whoa hold up

    the current chess version isn't the first?

  10. It's interesting comparing the different cursed variants. In Chinese Chess (xiangqi) the bishops (elephants) move the same way as chaturanga and you have two senators (queens) that are restricted to a 3×3 square along with the king. There are also cannons that move like rooks but can only capture when jumping over a piece while knights can't cannot jump over squares directly orthogonal that are occupied by pieces.

  11. Doesn't know the rules, starts game with 3 minutes…

  12. in chaturanga, king do not face each other. white king start on e1 and black on d8.

  13. Is Chaturanga an indian word? It sounds like one.

  14. People saying chess hasnt gotten a update in 1500 years
    Chess 1000 years ago:

  15. Its very weird…chess is called chatarang in arabic

  16. Ah yes…

    Chess back in 937, when the queens (ferz) were so weak that they could be dropped, and bishops (alfil) were also that weak.

  17. is there a varient when pawns can move backwards?

  18. bishops are so bad lol prob even worse than pawns at least pawns can move forward and support each other

  19. Chess, very popular game found in India. But Indians lost this awesome game from there culture…. Later on came a Tiger from Madras, and gave chess it's original position in India…
    Vishy(Viswanathan Anand) is an inspiration for me to play chess

  20. So the strategy is sacrifice the queen and 2 bishops then play normal chess

  21. I'm very glad the devs took it so far since the alpha.

  22. Chaturange is literally just chess in Arabic so I thought you were just making a joke and pretending it was a different game

  23. "I won't take your queen, that would be a bad trade for me"

  24. If I'm remembering correctly, the "Queen" was called the "Advisor" as in the advisor to the king, and that's why it was so powerless. I think the Queen came about more recently (like i the past 5 centuries).

  25. It's pretty cool to think about how people played chess on PC 1000 years ago

  26. Apparently, 1561 is when the 50 move rule was put into place by Ruy Lopez. He later realized there were some combinations of pieces that could win in over 50 moves, so he went to 100 moves. Then in 92 they realized there were combinations for more than 100 moves, so FIDE got rid of all exceptions over 50 moves. I never would have looked that up without this video lol

    Go Google it for a better understanding, I simplified it a lot.

  27. I remember reading this long article about why the game of chess played against death in The Seventh Seal was bullshit and it explained that this is exactly what the rule set was back then.
    Seems so insane.

  28. Wow. Ruy Lopez suggested the 50 move draw in his book, back in 1561. But from what I've read, the first tournament to use "the 50 move draw rule" was (322 years later) in the 1883 London tournament.

  29. Levy and Eric are my dreamteam. Love these two

  30. Thats when the 2 queens never meet saying… i am immortal… ik this game…

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