My First Ever Game of AUTOMATE CHESS

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In this video, I play a variant called Automate Chess. The variant involves determining my initial setup of pieces and then letting Stockfish do the rest! Try Automate Chess along with other variants:

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  1. he could have placed a queen so he could have went "oh no my queen"

  2. GMs: how do we set this up for an optimal position
    Eric: hehe pawn rectangle go brrrrrrr

  3. You never notice that you can place other pieces after you place the 6th pawn?

  4. Day:???
    Journal entry:???

    I am once again asking Eric Rosen to play a game of losing check where the goal is to run out of pieces (everything) but king. Or get checkmated and if a piece Is available to take you have to take it. He would have to plan this with a friend but I'm once again hoping for him to see this entry

  5. Cant believe you didnt just resign after encountering 360NoScopeZ_XxX-HD

  6. This is literally autochess but the name is already taken cri

  7. It's a Cuboid… Please… For God's sake

  8. A stretched out pawn cube is a pawn rectangle

  9. A 3D rectangle is a Cuboid. That's elementary school geometry ffs!

  10. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    reminds me of choker (chess and poker)!

  11. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    i wish we could have like automate choker (not to replace the regular choker). i figure it's a way to test piece placement (and poker). maybe like a deathmatch or something as a practice for the real choker. idk.

  12. say it with me…
    P A R A L L E L E P I P E D

  13. eric rosen: is a chess IM

    also Eric Rosen: "Siri, whats a three dimensional rectangle?"

  14. Hi weznation, hi past twitch chat!

  15. you had to know this would be a draw with so many knights

  16. I too wish to be good enough where I can criticize stockfish

  17. I died a little bit inside when he said "what's a three dimensional rectal…" 😂

  18. Hi weskneesean from an even futurer greasy hobo

  19. Four months too late to yell cuboid!!!!!!!😂

  20. Dont u get extra mana for losing streak?

  21. If you bongcloud your king and have 5 rooks along with bishops and knights, that works well. I got a bunch of wins from that.

  22. 3 dimensional rectangle is called a cuboid Eric!! 🙂

  23. I think the creator found this idea while doing a shower.

  24. I think since you only get 8 pawns per side, I'd load up on bishops instead (and of course not have a rectangle in that case). Eric didn't know that of course, so a bunch of pawns and some knights was a good initial thought IMO.

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