My First Ever Game of AUTOMATE CHESS

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In this video, I play a variant called Automate Chess. The variant involves determining my initial setup of pieces and then letting Stockfish do the rest! Try Automate Chess along with other variants:

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  1. Even I read/thought White's score is ours 😂😭❤️

  2. (Typed around 3:00) I find the piece values interesting. In typical chess it would usually seem Rooks and Queens are considered more (but this is very different).

    I am sure that the designers no what they are doing.

  3. My Alexa and Siri are currently squealing with joy because.

  4. When he tried to ask Alexa it activated mine 🤣

  5. a 3d rectangle is a cuboid
    there is also a 3d parallelogram, a parallelopiped

  6. I'm not sure if he's genius or just shitposter getting lucky

  7. Youre boring there’s ko exciting atmosphere

  8. Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi what is a three dimensional square?

  9. Ooh, they made an Auto-Chess version of… Chess

  10. I’ll probably sit forward and commentate😂

  11. I didn't realize engines are still behind humans in some aspects

  12. would be nice to see you take over the (end)game and show engine how to play chess

  13. @eric Rosen a 3d rectangle is called a cuboid

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